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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Buffday, stoopid dog!

Ah-Ha! It's my birthday yesterday. Fengcai was the first to wish me (just on the stroke of midnight) and yes, I'm v. happy, liking to deers running around excitedly. And those who also wished me thr' sms or call were, ahem ... weilong, yonghe, dugong, piggy, hippo, danny n cindy (my cousins!), andy (same birthday as me), benga-monster, huizhi (surprised to hear from her!) and loyster. And for those who didn't wish me purposely or pleaded innocence, I'll make sure I'll skin you guys alive and feed your meat to pigs and hippopotamus when I dominate the world ... ... Mark My Words ... hahaha

Anyway, Fengcai treated me to dinner at China Jump, really nice place. She booked the table in advance somemore, when we were the very first customers as the staff were still in briefing ... (oh yeah, forgot it's holloween night) We had steaks and strawberry milkshakes (i always wonder that strawberry is negative-calorie, but in milkshakes? hmm ...) After the dinner, we went straight to the esplanade to watch the Mamma Mia musical, 'cos she had been wanting to watch it. The musical was good, especially the first half where the songs were the more popular hits. It was funny as well. Watch it if you can ... Some of the audiences were even standing up and danced towards the end. Oh yeah, Fengcai gave me a present! Nicely wrapped in a blue box, unlike the one i gave on her's ... hahaha It's a v. nice looking Polo T-shirt from Ralph Lauren that looks nice on a nice looking person like me, hahaha... And that's how i spent my 25th year on earth.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Final Interview

Cool ... so i got thr' to the final interview with SIA. It's on this coming wed afternoon. So it looks like the three of us (you-know-who) got to meet and discuss again ... ...

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I went for the interview at SIA today ... I saw stars after the GMA abstract test, which is identifying the patterns into 2 given sets of patterns, Grp A and B, or neither. And the GMA numerical test, which i don't know what i'm calculating also ... (c'mon, an iron nail will turn rusty without proper maintainance too) Reached there at 0850 a.m., finished the final test around 1 plus, waited til 5.15 p.m. for my interview 'cos i was the last on the list ... what luck ... spent the whole afternoon chatting with the other candidates still around. After the tests, a horrible thought came to my mind, "sheat! i still have to go thr' it again on fri?!" Fortunately, i told them about it and they would access me for both positions together ... *phew...* While waiting, i received another call from OCBC for an interview as PFC tomorrow morning. Not too bad at the beginning of the week, for at least i still get interviews. But come to think of it, except for the referral from fly to chartered semiconductor, i have yet to get any interviews for engineering post thr' my own applications .... something is not right ... just realised that ...

But hey, piggy was telling me dugong was excited about our biz idea! Good, as i was telling her, with my brains, with her cooking skills and dugong's money, we can go far .... hahaha

Monday, October 25, 2004

what tests?!

tomorrow going you know .... for my interview at SIA ... gonna be one long day of tests plus interviews .... maybe it'll be like another map planning exercise in SMI during my scout training .... mentally knocked out ... hahaha ... whole thing will start at 845 a.m. and probably ends at 4 plus. AND GONNA REPEAT THE WHOLE DAMN THING AGAIN ON FRI! Dumbass ...

and yes, to zsy if you're reading this, maybe will play pool with you one of these days next month ... haha .... our long awaited duel .... or your long awaited revenge? hahaha

Friday, October 22, 2004

Come, Fly with Us

uh-uh ... SIA is arranging another interview on next friday 29th for the post of Trainee Station Manager (which means will be posted overseas ...). And i'll be interviewing for the post of Admin. Officer next monday 25th. More essays .... durghh ... But that means i have a double shot at SIA, hahaha ....

hmm ... will be meeting the scout spec. later for dinner as birthday celebrations for the october guys, think will be cafe cartel at city hall? anyway, it'll be our late kelvin's birthday on the 24th ... alright, gotta go for my bike lessons, e-brake assessment today... and sheat, it's raining now ....

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Quiet Day

"yes yes... read the english analytical example carefully..den go there don waste time quickly do.... maths vice..quite ez.. but muz do very fast... too many qns too little time... recognising one.. i gone case .. haha..nothing to say the essay ... my qn today is "Causes of overpopulation and how to reduce it" or "Defence and welfare, gover should spend more on wic one" and one finally qn wic i dunno in the world wat it is!! hahahaha... summary should be fine... anyway they change qn daily..so juz a guide for u.." - that was the advice from a friend who went for an interview at SIA today. Kind of him ...

Early in the morning and I got awoken by piggy sms telling me how excited she was about the biz idea. I replied her hrs after though 'cos I had a late night. Sorry there ... but glad to hear that the vision of you wearing an apron preparing the food in the cafe managed to reduce your depression (at least 10%?). Really had a quiet day ... even the food that went into my mouth were tasteless, and it was laksa furthermore ... not gonna eat from the same store ever ... i think i shall stay away from laksa at least a few weeks to forget this tramatising experience ....

Got a call from EDB. Asking a few questions about my resume and my expectations of the job applying for. From there, she will narrow down the options and forward my CV to the respective directors for considerations. No guarantee of any interviews ... we shall see then ...

Alright, something did annoy me a lil' bit. Felt like i was talking to a wood to this friend on msn ... yeah, you-know-who if you're reading this .... if it doesn't make any sense to you, bang into a wall until it does. If this offends you, there's this 'x' at the top right hand corner. Press It. hahaha .... please don't! I'm just joking =)

Anyway, was talking to thia-ster and mentioned about me entering financial adviser or joining loy and peter as trainee broker ... there ... more options to consider. Oh, weywey if you're reading this, some ideas for you. Ever thought of publishing innovative text book in the form of "Britney Spears guide to physics", "Lee Guan Yew guide to English", "F4 guide to mathematics" series etc? the idea is to use celebrities to make learning interesting and fun to those idols-crazy students. Okay, not really ... the idea is to make more money out of these poor students who already can't get enough out of their parents to chase their idols ....

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Growing Pains

My brother just passed me a letter from SIA, regarding the interview for the coming monday. Hmm ... impressive ... first time I received a slow mail for interviews. It comes with a test-takers guide which means I have to take a 4 1/2 hrs test, followed by an interview ... looks like it's gonna take the whole day. It's for the post of AO, Administrative Officer. Do they really regard AO that seriously? Upon reflection, xll told me it's also good that i'm not entering SLA 'cos he feels he isn't growing much in terms of skills inside. Piggy also said my talents will be 'sibei' wasted if i enter SLA as senior executive also! hahaha .... Now, what's the difference as AO in SIA? What am i growing for? (na ... this is not advertisement for ocbc's recruitment)

Was just chatting with piggy on icq about starting a business and it seems to me she is really keen on starting. Capital is a barrier to break through ... hmm ... "all i want is to go the distance" ... i have nothing to lose now, i have no family burdens ... bah bah bah ... what is stopping me now anyway? was just telling piggy about selling her prawn bread prawn through kopitiam .... sounds a feasible idea to me ..... dugong! are u reading this now?!

sleeping dugong and the pig

piggy and dugong with piggy always trying to act cute .... and fail ....

beauty and the beast!

there, the beauty is on the left and the beast on the right .... erm .... on the perspective facing the camera ...

Dinner time!

all the hungry souls out there ....

hippo with fengcai

chio hippo doesn't look so chio besides fc .... hahaha

the boys, knight and city

Settlers .... again

the 3 kitcheners

only one is cooking, and the other two vying for credits .... who are ya 2 bluffing? hahaha

Oops, I did it again

Gotcha! 'hmm' somemore ... dugong was not into the group yet ... hahaha

Animals run wild!

altogether now

Chickens and Numbers

Finally when we reached the place, I saw a few of them playing settlers, zsy, xll, jy and monkey... thinking about it, I haven't played it for some time for the fun of it ... haha. Then we started playing mj and the stoopid hippo was so slow and lousy as she kept losing! And obviously fc is the 'professional', always the first one to setup her tiles. And there was once wi-jack's ordinary friend lu-xian won without any 'fan' ... kenna rejected ... sorry jack, we played by the rules, hahaha. Then june took over the ever-lousy hippo .... hahaha .... oh yes, i wonder why was june's bf zhiwei was either reading the magazine or watching tv the whole night .... haha ... too shy? Dugong even went for a run, without me! the reasons? read below ....

Then came the dinner ... kfc and pizza ... there were the pineapple pies that turned out to be coconut pies, tomyam chickens, coleslaw, mash potatoes, chicken popcorns, chicket and fillet nuggets .... all for about 20 of us to finish .... own up ... who placed the order .... (I'll bet my last dollar it's dugong, he has been planning to make us grow fatter than him for a long 4 yrs already)

Woo ... here came the power show ... with so much left over, we played "zhong ji mi ma, 1-100". I got it twice and gosh ... i was so full that i vomitted out a little when i reached home ... cos too uncomfortable .... want to but can't blurp .... haha ... back to the game, halfway thr', piggy face turned as sour as a lemon! poor piggy, i think she had 2-3 chickens to eat! and then the stoopid hippo again made funny comments .... "what's the difference b/w 'yi-zhi-ji' and 'yi-kuai-ji' ...?" xll, do something about it .... one more thing, i remembered dugong was very 'kiasi' when it was his turn ... choosing safer numbers ... hmm ... i wonder if it's cos he was afraid or he did not want to sabotage fc 'cos she was next? But in the end, everybody got it at least once .... haha ... no one is spared! okay, except for the other bunch of guys watching SgIdols .... durghh ...

The lil' celebration was wrapped up with the birthday ice-cream cake, sponsored by wi-jack and his friend, lu-xian... thanks! Followed by the photo-taking .... goodness me ... it was then i realized the camera can be sound-activated .... after testing out with a 'hmm' .... hahaha

Chickens and Numbers: the Beginning

It was dugong's 25th birthday last saturday and alley had a lil' celebration with him at 386's house at Dover. I went to fetch fc at her church 'cos she just finished her baptism. At the same time, I was worried that she would be too tired after all since she had done a road show the day before and supposed to be doing again the next day. And through the journey, she was taking a nap on the car to get some precious rest. I felt so bad ... ... she was willing to come along when she was so tired ...

While on the way, dugong sms me about getting a loaf of bread. I was replying his sms and then piggy called ... actually didn't want to answer her call but accidentally accepted it 'cos I was still replying the sms ... hahaha (oops, hope the TP is not reading this!!) Again, asking me to buy the bread for her "prawn bread prawn", or is it "bread prawn bread"??? whatever .... it tasted nice though too oily!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Alleyiance Rulez!

yoyoyo! Alleyiance or alley for short, is my best bunch of friends I have ever known. And if you are one of alley or had attended to our gatherings before, u should know why .... hahaha. Can you imagine a bunch of animals, alien and human beings can live harmiously together, furthermore in a slow-aged technology world with only 386 chips? I don't know about this world, but alley can! We have piggy, hippo, monkey, dugong, dog, alien, zsy, xll, fly, xiao-gong, FoA and the list goes on .... lalalalala

Anyway, we just had a great time last saturday on dugong's birthday at 386's house. It was wonderful and I am looking forward excitedly for our chalet on 19th Nov!

And talking about last saturday, remember I brought along fc to the gathering? After sending her home, she brought her cat down for a walk. Gremlin, her cat, saw another cat and got agressive. fc gave him a kick and got bitten terribly. Now she is on MC ... One moment she was well and next, she is limping ... If only she would let me bring her to the doc early, the infections would not get serious .... if only, if only .... hahaha, maybe she wants to get longer MC?

Nervous Monday

I got a feeling there would be at least one call for interview this week, and most importantly, I will find out if I get the 2nd interview from SLA. Goodnews is, SIA arranged one with me next monday. And the sad news ... my friend just told me he received the email from SLA for a second interview. Arghh ... nevermind, I tell myself let's wait til the end of the day or at least one more day, because I believe in myself I am up for any challanges, therefore it'll be their loss not to hire me, hahaha.