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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Chickens and Numbers: the Beginning

It was dugong's 25th birthday last saturday and alley had a lil' celebration with him at 386's house at Dover. I went to fetch fc at her church 'cos she just finished her baptism. At the same time, I was worried that she would be too tired after all since she had done a road show the day before and supposed to be doing again the next day. And through the journey, she was taking a nap on the car to get some precious rest. I felt so bad ... ... she was willing to come along when she was so tired ...

While on the way, dugong sms me about getting a loaf of bread. I was replying his sms and then piggy called ... actually didn't want to answer her call but accidentally accepted it 'cos I was still replying the sms ... hahaha (oops, hope the TP is not reading this!!) Again, asking me to buy the bread for her "prawn bread prawn", or is it "bread prawn bread"??? whatever .... it tasted nice though too oily!


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