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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Chickens and Numbers

Finally when we reached the place, I saw a few of them playing settlers, zsy, xll, jy and monkey... thinking about it, I haven't played it for some time for the fun of it ... haha. Then we started playing mj and the stoopid hippo was so slow and lousy as she kept losing! And obviously fc is the 'professional', always the first one to setup her tiles. And there was once wi-jack's ordinary friend lu-xian won without any 'fan' ... kenna rejected ... sorry jack, we played by the rules, hahaha. Then june took over the ever-lousy hippo .... hahaha .... oh yes, i wonder why was june's bf zhiwei was either reading the magazine or watching tv the whole night .... haha ... too shy? Dugong even went for a run, without me! the reasons? read below ....

Then came the dinner ... kfc and pizza ... there were the pineapple pies that turned out to be coconut pies, tomyam chickens, coleslaw, mash potatoes, chicken popcorns, chicket and fillet nuggets .... all for about 20 of us to finish .... own up ... who placed the order .... (I'll bet my last dollar it's dugong, he has been planning to make us grow fatter than him for a long 4 yrs already)

Woo ... here came the power show ... with so much left over, we played "zhong ji mi ma, 1-100". I got it twice and gosh ... i was so full that i vomitted out a little when i reached home ... cos too uncomfortable .... want to but can't blurp .... haha ... back to the game, halfway thr', piggy face turned as sour as a lemon! poor piggy, i think she had 2-3 chickens to eat! and then the stoopid hippo again made funny comments .... "what's the difference b/w 'yi-zhi-ji' and 'yi-kuai-ji' ...?" xll, do something about it .... one more thing, i remembered dugong was very 'kiasi' when it was his turn ... choosing safer numbers ... hmm ... i wonder if it's cos he was afraid or he did not want to sabotage fc 'cos she was next? But in the end, everybody got it at least once .... haha ... no one is spared! okay, except for the other bunch of guys watching SgIdols .... durghh ...

The lil' celebration was wrapped up with the birthday ice-cream cake, sponsored by wi-jack and his friend, lu-xian... thanks! Followed by the photo-taking .... goodness me ... it was then i realized the camera can be sound-activated .... after testing out with a 'hmm' .... hahaha


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