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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Growing Pains

My brother just passed me a letter from SIA, regarding the interview for the coming monday. Hmm ... impressive ... first time I received a slow mail for interviews. It comes with a test-takers guide which means I have to take a 4 1/2 hrs test, followed by an interview ... looks like it's gonna take the whole day. It's for the post of AO, Administrative Officer. Do they really regard AO that seriously? Upon reflection, xll told me it's also good that i'm not entering SLA 'cos he feels he isn't growing much in terms of skills inside. Piggy also said my talents will be 'sibei' wasted if i enter SLA as senior executive also! hahaha .... Now, what's the difference as AO in SIA? What am i growing for? (na ... this is not advertisement for ocbc's recruitment)

Was just chatting with piggy on icq about starting a business and it seems to me she is really keen on starting. Capital is a barrier to break through ... hmm ... "all i want is to go the distance" ... i have nothing to lose now, i have no family burdens ... bah bah bah ... what is stopping me now anyway? was just telling piggy about selling her prawn bread prawn through kopitiam .... sounds a feasible idea to me ..... dugong! are u reading this now?!


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