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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Buffday, stoopid dog!

Ah-Ha! It's my birthday yesterday. Fengcai was the first to wish me (just on the stroke of midnight) and yes, I'm v. happy, liking to deers running around excitedly. And those who also wished me thr' sms or call were, ahem ... weilong, yonghe, dugong, piggy, hippo, danny n cindy (my cousins!), andy (same birthday as me), benga-monster, huizhi (surprised to hear from her!) and loyster. And for those who didn't wish me purposely or pleaded innocence, I'll make sure I'll skin you guys alive and feed your meat to pigs and hippopotamus when I dominate the world ... ... Mark My Words ... hahaha

Anyway, Fengcai treated me to dinner at China Jump, really nice place. She booked the table in advance somemore, when we were the very first customers as the staff were still in briefing ... (oh yeah, forgot it's holloween night) We had steaks and strawberry milkshakes (i always wonder that strawberry is negative-calorie, but in milkshakes? hmm ...) After the dinner, we went straight to the esplanade to watch the Mamma Mia musical, 'cos she had been wanting to watch it. The musical was good, especially the first half where the songs were the more popular hits. It was funny as well. Watch it if you can ... Some of the audiences were even standing up and danced towards the end. Oh yeah, Fengcai gave me a present! Nicely wrapped in a blue box, unlike the one i gave on her's ... hahaha It's a v. nice looking Polo T-shirt from Ralph Lauren that looks nice on a nice looking person like me, hahaha... And that's how i spent my 25th year on earth.


Blogger Adele said...

Hope u enjoyed the dinner and like the polo-tee from me though it is not as costly as the present u gave me on my birthday. At least I made an effort to make a reservation at China Jump, thinking that it was a Saturday evening, and there might be a crowd there. An effort was made, u know...... hee


9:06 PM  
Blogger X&Y said...

yes, i enjoyed the dinner and appreciate that u made the booking in advance =)It's also the company with u that counts ma, haha ... I like the polo-tee, looks good on me too

10:10 PM  

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