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Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Quiet Day

"yes yes... read the english analytical example carefully..den go there don waste time quickly do.... maths vice..quite ez.. but muz do very fast... too many qns too little time... recognising one.. i gone case .. haha..nothing to say the essay ... my qn today is "Causes of overpopulation and how to reduce it" or "Defence and welfare, gover should spend more on wic one" and one finally qn wic i dunno in the world wat it is!! hahahaha... summary should be fine... anyway they change qn daily..so juz a guide for u.." - that was the advice from a friend who went for an interview at SIA today. Kind of him ...

Early in the morning and I got awoken by piggy sms telling me how excited she was about the biz idea. I replied her hrs after though 'cos I had a late night. Sorry there ... but glad to hear that the vision of you wearing an apron preparing the food in the cafe managed to reduce your depression (at least 10%?). Really had a quiet day ... even the food that went into my mouth were tasteless, and it was laksa furthermore ... not gonna eat from the same store ever ... i think i shall stay away from laksa at least a few weeks to forget this tramatising experience ....

Got a call from EDB. Asking a few questions about my resume and my expectations of the job applying for. From there, she will narrow down the options and forward my CV to the respective directors for considerations. No guarantee of any interviews ... we shall see then ...

Alright, something did annoy me a lil' bit. Felt like i was talking to a wood to this friend on msn ... yeah, you-know-who if you're reading this .... if it doesn't make any sense to you, bang into a wall until it does. If this offends you, there's this 'x' at the top right hand corner. Press It. hahaha .... please don't! I'm just joking =)

Anyway, was talking to thia-ster and mentioned about me entering financial adviser or joining loy and peter as trainee broker ... there ... more options to consider. Oh, weywey if you're reading this, some ideas for you. Ever thought of publishing innovative text book in the form of "Britney Spears guide to physics", "Lee Guan Yew guide to English", "F4 guide to mathematics" series etc? the idea is to use celebrities to make learning interesting and fun to those idols-crazy students. Okay, not really ... the idea is to make more money out of these poor students who already can't get enough out of their parents to chase their idols ....


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