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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I went for the interview at SIA today ... I saw stars after the GMA abstract test, which is identifying the patterns into 2 given sets of patterns, Grp A and B, or neither. And the GMA numerical test, which i don't know what i'm calculating also ... (c'mon, an iron nail will turn rusty without proper maintainance too) Reached there at 0850 a.m., finished the final test around 1 plus, waited til 5.15 p.m. for my interview 'cos i was the last on the list ... what luck ... spent the whole afternoon chatting with the other candidates still around. After the tests, a horrible thought came to my mind, "sheat! i still have to go thr' it again on fri?!" Fortunately, i told them about it and they would access me for both positions together ... *phew...* While waiting, i received another call from OCBC for an interview as PFC tomorrow morning. Not too bad at the beginning of the week, for at least i still get interviews. But come to think of it, except for the referral from fly to chartered semiconductor, i have yet to get any interviews for engineering post thr' my own applications .... something is not right ... just realised that ...

But hey, piggy was telling me dugong was excited about our biz idea! Good, as i was telling her, with my brains, with her cooking skills and dugong's money, we can go far .... hahaha


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