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Monday, November 22, 2004

Knowledge Discovery Camp' 2004

Just had a fun and enjoyable weekend chalet together with alleyiance at Costa Sands Sentosa. And I do believe for some of us, at least for me, piggy, dugong, thia and ah loy ... it was a knowledge sharing camp. From affairs of the hearts to shits and shitting ... like how to stop the smell from spreading, minimize splashing of water when one drops the shit and adding on shits to shits ... hahaha. Most importantly, it takes a lot of effort to make dugong talk, especially when first jianyong came along and talk about the "12 nights" showing on TV at the reception area, which later came piggy, thia and june after jianyong left. (Which happened shortly after as the turning point that i got a new name as 阿紫姑娘)

Though it wasn't very sunny on the 2nd day, I saw quite a few like piggy and xll getting sunburnt .... hahaha ... Fortunately, I left in the noon for my friend's wedding in a church at novena and came back around 5 plus. The friend, Johnson, was my OGL in NUS. A nice person that really look after us and can also mingle with us. Not surprisingly though, only 4 of us in the OG attended; wanying, weishan and alice (who bought and shared the wedding gift with me). And coincidentally, I lost the watch wanying gave me before i left UK. Rather, it was also a gift replacement on x'mas 'cos she wanted the present i received during the gifts exchange in the group. Then i asked for the watch as i needed one but it defintely cost slightly more than the x'mas gift budget. Thinking about it, I felt bad as i did not get something back for her in UK in return 'cos of some reasons ... But i believe i do know what i have to do in the future.

Anyway, the BBQ night on Saturday was good as well, mostly due to the big company we had for so long coming. We had the fortunate of seeing Vincent who was busy with work, Karen who was nice to check in with me and 386 on fri, then went home the same night and coming back for the bbq again, and June (caused me to follow her surname in Ng, damnit) who was duped into some running competitions that day in her company and almost lost to some Aunties.

In the end, the part i liked most in the chalet was the "knowledge sharing" session with dugong, piggy and thia at the swimming pool side for the whole night.

Friday, November 19, 2004

There, I'm grounded

Went for the interview for cadet pilot this morning at STC ... what can i say? shitty, shitty, shitty, shitty ... ... I wasn't prepared for the interview by finding out more about flying and aircraft related stuff (particularly concerning SIA) ~ Okay granted, I take responsibility, "That's my fault". I also wasn't really into the interests of aircrafts and flying knowledge. I just want to fly, become a pilot for all the obvious reasons. So either way, I have to admit i dun deserve to go thr' to the next round based on what i have or have not done to make this dream come true.

And for the benefits of those having a shot at the interview in the future .... here's some examples of what would be asked ...

1) How many types of aircraft are there in SIA and what are the types?
2) SIA is getting a new aircraft, what is that?
3) SIA has a new direct flight from SPORE to New York, which ocean will it pass if it flies east-bound?
4) How do you differentiate the different aircrafts?
5) 2/3 x 1/2 = ?
6) A plane is flying at 600km/hr, how much will it cover in 10 mins?
7) What flight control is used to turn left?
8) What flight control is used to take lift?
9) How does a plane fly? Explain relating to the wings.

Basically, cover as much as possible about flying and get updated about aircraft news in SIA ... Got it?

Not everything was that bad during the trip 'cos STC is also a training center for the air stewardess ... Saw many young and pretty ladies in STC ... ... It's a heaven for guys to work there. Maybe for girls as well 'cos got many future pilots. Then while on the way out waiting at the bus stop, I saw a very sweet girl with pony tail, probably a trainee as stewardess 'cos i saw this thick file she was holding. Boarded the same bus with her (hey, don't get me wrong. There are only 2 buses and both leads to mrt station) and alighted at Tanah Merah mrt. I was thinking if i should take a direct bus from there or take mrt which i had to take another bus. Well ... she took the mrt ... and i follow suit ... ... hahaha

Anyway, STC is definitely a place to visit again when the opportunity arises. And I will be back there for my induction phase for 2 days. Marvellous! But i'll just pray that the guy who interviewed me just now won't remember me or that i don't see him again while in SIA, 'cos i have left a bad impression for him. And i think he should be quite a big shot in STC ... ... better not mess around with him at the moment ... ... There, I'm grounded ... at least for now.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Aye

Went for the optical eye-test today, the so-called Snellen's chart and Ishihara ... Actually, they're the acuity eye-test and colour vision test respectively .... hahaha. Just 2 simple tests and some scribblings by the doctor on a memo note amounts to $17 ... Is there a need to charge that much?

As for my far vision test, my right and left eyes are both at 6/9. For near vision test, my right and left eyes are also at 20/25. I think this is the first time I did my near vision test ... Of course, my colour vision is normal ... ... Thanks to my parents for giving me good genetics in eye-sight, no matter how i read in bad lightings, how many R(A) shows I have watched, how many things evil for the eyes I have seen (like women not wearing clothes, men hacked to death etc) ... ... I do not have to turn to optical aids in the end ... ... *sigh* ... can't even have the chance to wear spectacles or contact lens .... .... hahahahaha ....

Sunday, November 14, 2004

JB, Dustbin and Longan

The past is something one cannot change, the future is one that cannot predict, the present is certainly one can control, just like everything can change in the next immediate second ... from plans of movie and dinner to settlers ... suddenly a bunch of alley guys decided to go 'overseas' in the end on saturday. Other than hippo, xll, june, wi-jack, loy, piggy, monkey and me, we have a surprise package that comes in the form of 'dustbin' and 'longan' who are monkey's colleagues .... not too bad as a cultural interaction with diplomats from thailand and usa ... hahaha ... actually their names are Trus Bin? and Logan? ... nice of monkey to bring her foreign colleagues to spend the weekend in JB to have seafood .... more specifically butter crayfish that in the end, I and xll had to get it from the usual place we frequent ... 'cos somehow we were duped by one taxi driver whose sweet tongue managed to convinced us to go to this 'Peking Lo' restaurant .... probably too expensive in terms of what we had for the little dishes and servings .... but as piggy said, fortunately the crayfish saved the day for us .... hahaha ....

But as if one sweet tongue is not enough, we had another from hippo who decided to bring the 2 distinguished guests to have deserts in Jurong East (actually wanted to have durians). Should have gone geyland instead! And in the end, we only had drinks at the coffeeshop .... hahaha ... not too bad for a tired day .... and now i believe we are all ready to rock for our chalet this coming weekends! Come on, Go Go Go!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Say my name

My FYP 2nd-supervisor, Chava, mentioned to me long ago that he had submitted our work for conference papers. So i search my name today under Googles and discovered one more surprise ... ... During my stint in UK with BT, I was working on the project "Shopping Garden" with my supervisor Richard Tateson (a biologist with unlimited flow of ideas for A.I.) and Erwin Bonsma (a programming whiz in my opinion). And my name is up there as one of the contributors too! Here is the link


The conference papers are in Globecom 2004 and BROADNETS 2004.

The Game has started

wow ... it's getting more exciting each day. Just after I found a job, I received an interview for pilot at AirForce. Now it's cadet pilot at SIA! What's this? It's hiring season for pilots? Whatever it is, just don't let it stop .... hahaha

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Got the contract of offer of employment today from SIA. I'll be posted as Loyalty Marketing Executive in Loyalty Marketing Department of Marketing Division, with effect from 1st December. And the probation period is 9 months ... so long ... ... just one month short of my stay in my mother's womb. But I have yet to confirm my attendance for the aptitude test with airforce ... hmm ... Oh yes, and there's also the European Flying Circus tickets (2) complimentary from NTUC club 'cos we booked the chalet. Looks like there are 2 lucky guys among us to catch the show.

And there's supposed to be a trip down to JB with alley this coming Sat, but as a few of us pointed out, there might be a huge jam and hugh crowd ... i'm more terrified of the crowd! Can consider piggy's alternative suggestions ... ubin, kusu island?, xmas island (crabs?), badmintion (i also thought of it initially) .... escape theme park?, sports day etc .... Whichever way, i go with the crowd ... hahaha .... not the other 'crowd'!

Anyway, i seldom watch jap drama and gosh, to my surprise i find the show 'Hotman' addictive and heart-warming ... esp the little girl called Nanami who is so cute!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Above All

Just received a letter from the Airforce. It is to inform me of taking a 2 hr MAPAS test (what's that again?) for the post of pilot. Fortunately it's on 25th Nov, before i start my job. No harm taking the test, isn't it? Now i wonder if they have a limit on age >24 .... ....

Friday, November 05, 2004

Time to move my butts off the couch

I was still sleeping when my hp screamed for my attention close to 11 a.m. It was 386 from SIA (yes, u read it right ... one who addressed herself as xiaohui). 386 was telling me that they were offering the job and told me briefly about the pay and benefits etc ... but subjected to medical checkup and security clearance. So if everythinge is ok, i'll be starting work on first december. And fortunately, the location is not anywhere near SIA Airline House in Changi where it takes me almost 2 hrs to reach ... &*^%# Anyway, thanks God for giving me the patience all these while ...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Free treats!

For those who didn't check their emails regularly but happen to check my blogspot often, here is the deal for those going for the chalet on 19th Nov; xll, hippo, monkey, yonghe and wi-jack will be paying for the chalet and the food for getting their first jobs ... so in preparation of a back door for myself, if i get a job confirmation by then, i'll join in the treat ... haha

Went for my final interview today ... hopefully will receive an offer from them, but i'm not counting the chickens first ... hahaha *por, por por por kei ....* one.. two... three... four... oops