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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Aye

Went for the optical eye-test today, the so-called Snellen's chart and Ishihara ... Actually, they're the acuity eye-test and colour vision test respectively .... hahaha. Just 2 simple tests and some scribblings by the doctor on a memo note amounts to $17 ... Is there a need to charge that much?

As for my far vision test, my right and left eyes are both at 6/9. For near vision test, my right and left eyes are also at 20/25. I think this is the first time I did my near vision test ... Of course, my colour vision is normal ... ... Thanks to my parents for giving me good genetics in eye-sight, no matter how i read in bad lightings, how many R(A) shows I have watched, how many things evil for the eyes I have seen (like women not wearing clothes, men hacked to death etc) ... ... I do not have to turn to optical aids in the end ... ... *sigh* ... can't even have the chance to wear spectacles or contact lens .... .... hahahahaha ....


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