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Sunday, November 14, 2004

JB, Dustbin and Longan

The past is something one cannot change, the future is one that cannot predict, the present is certainly one can control, just like everything can change in the next immediate second ... from plans of movie and dinner to settlers ... suddenly a bunch of alley guys decided to go 'overseas' in the end on saturday. Other than hippo, xll, june, wi-jack, loy, piggy, monkey and me, we have a surprise package that comes in the form of 'dustbin' and 'longan' who are monkey's colleagues .... not too bad as a cultural interaction with diplomats from thailand and usa ... hahaha ... actually their names are Trus Bin? and Logan? ... nice of monkey to bring her foreign colleagues to spend the weekend in JB to have seafood .... more specifically butter crayfish that in the end, I and xll had to get it from the usual place we frequent ... 'cos somehow we were duped by one taxi driver whose sweet tongue managed to convinced us to go to this 'Peking Lo' restaurant .... probably too expensive in terms of what we had for the little dishes and servings .... but as piggy said, fortunately the crayfish saved the day for us .... hahaha ....

But as if one sweet tongue is not enough, we had another from hippo who decided to bring the 2 distinguished guests to have deserts in Jurong East (actually wanted to have durians). Should have gone geyland instead! And in the end, we only had drinks at the coffeeshop .... hahaha ... not too bad for a tired day .... and now i believe we are all ready to rock for our chalet this coming weekends! Come on, Go Go Go!


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