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Monday, November 22, 2004

Knowledge Discovery Camp' 2004

Just had a fun and enjoyable weekend chalet together with alleyiance at Costa Sands Sentosa. And I do believe for some of us, at least for me, piggy, dugong, thia and ah loy ... it was a knowledge sharing camp. From affairs of the hearts to shits and shitting ... like how to stop the smell from spreading, minimize splashing of water when one drops the shit and adding on shits to shits ... hahaha. Most importantly, it takes a lot of effort to make dugong talk, especially when first jianyong came along and talk about the "12 nights" showing on TV at the reception area, which later came piggy, thia and june after jianyong left. (Which happened shortly after as the turning point that i got a new name as 阿紫姑娘)

Though it wasn't very sunny on the 2nd day, I saw quite a few like piggy and xll getting sunburnt .... hahaha ... Fortunately, I left in the noon for my friend's wedding in a church at novena and came back around 5 plus. The friend, Johnson, was my OGL in NUS. A nice person that really look after us and can also mingle with us. Not surprisingly though, only 4 of us in the OG attended; wanying, weishan and alice (who bought and shared the wedding gift with me). And coincidentally, I lost the watch wanying gave me before i left UK. Rather, it was also a gift replacement on x'mas 'cos she wanted the present i received during the gifts exchange in the group. Then i asked for the watch as i needed one but it defintely cost slightly more than the x'mas gift budget. Thinking about it, I felt bad as i did not get something back for her in UK in return 'cos of some reasons ... But i believe i do know what i have to do in the future.

Anyway, the BBQ night on Saturday was good as well, mostly due to the big company we had for so long coming. We had the fortunate of seeing Vincent who was busy with work, Karen who was nice to check in with me and 386 on fri, then went home the same night and coming back for the bbq again, and June (caused me to follow her surname in Ng, damnit) who was duped into some running competitions that day in her company and almost lost to some Aunties.

In the end, the part i liked most in the chalet was the "knowledge sharing" session with dugong, piggy and thia at the swimming pool side for the whole night.


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