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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Got the contract of offer of employment today from SIA. I'll be posted as Loyalty Marketing Executive in Loyalty Marketing Department of Marketing Division, with effect from 1st December. And the probation period is 9 months ... so long ... ... just one month short of my stay in my mother's womb. But I have yet to confirm my attendance for the aptitude test with airforce ... hmm ... Oh yes, and there's also the European Flying Circus tickets (2) complimentary from NTUC club 'cos we booked the chalet. Looks like there are 2 lucky guys among us to catch the show.

And there's supposed to be a trip down to JB with alley this coming Sat, but as a few of us pointed out, there might be a huge jam and hugh crowd ... i'm more terrified of the crowd! Can consider piggy's alternative suggestions ... ubin, kusu island?, xmas island (crabs?), badmintion (i also thought of it initially) .... escape theme park?, sports day etc .... Whichever way, i go with the crowd ... hahaha .... not the other 'crowd'!

Anyway, i seldom watch jap drama and gosh, to my surprise i find the show 'Hotman' addictive and heart-warming ... esp the little girl called Nanami who is so cute!


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