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Friday, November 19, 2004

There, I'm grounded

Went for the interview for cadet pilot this morning at STC ... what can i say? shitty, shitty, shitty, shitty ... ... I wasn't prepared for the interview by finding out more about flying and aircraft related stuff (particularly concerning SIA) ~ Okay granted, I take responsibility, "That's my fault". I also wasn't really into the interests of aircrafts and flying knowledge. I just want to fly, become a pilot for all the obvious reasons. So either way, I have to admit i dun deserve to go thr' to the next round based on what i have or have not done to make this dream come true.

And for the benefits of those having a shot at the interview in the future .... here's some examples of what would be asked ...

1) How many types of aircraft are there in SIA and what are the types?
2) SIA is getting a new aircraft, what is that?
3) SIA has a new direct flight from SPORE to New York, which ocean will it pass if it flies east-bound?
4) How do you differentiate the different aircrafts?
5) 2/3 x 1/2 = ?
6) A plane is flying at 600km/hr, how much will it cover in 10 mins?
7) What flight control is used to turn left?
8) What flight control is used to take lift?
9) How does a plane fly? Explain relating to the wings.

Basically, cover as much as possible about flying and get updated about aircraft news in SIA ... Got it?

Not everything was that bad during the trip 'cos STC is also a training center for the air stewardess ... Saw many young and pretty ladies in STC ... ... It's a heaven for guys to work there. Maybe for girls as well 'cos got many future pilots. Then while on the way out waiting at the bus stop, I saw a very sweet girl with pony tail, probably a trainee as stewardess 'cos i saw this thick file she was holding. Boarded the same bus with her (hey, don't get me wrong. There are only 2 buses and both leads to mrt station) and alighted at Tanah Merah mrt. I was thinking if i should take a direct bus from there or take mrt which i had to take another bus. Well ... she took the mrt ... and i follow suit ... ... hahaha

Anyway, STC is definitely a place to visit again when the opportunity arises. And I will be back there for my induction phase for 2 days. Marvellous! But i'll just pray that the guy who interviewed me just now won't remember me or that i don't see him again while in SIA, 'cos i have left a bad impression for him. And i think he should be quite a big shot in STC ... ... better not mess around with him at the moment ... ... There, I'm grounded ... at least for now.


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