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Friday, December 31, 2004

She took it ...

My colleague finally came back frm her leave ... She left early during the company X'mas lunch last friday and left her lucky draw with me. Though personally, I felt that if I were to leave early in a party or function, I would agree it's the equivalent of giving up the participation in the lucky draw. But out of politeness, I decided to return her the unopened prize, which was a mp3 player. She took it ..... bitch .... And I have a strong feeling she has the intention of selling it .... that adds a bitter taste to the overall ordeal ....

Once again .... .... .... .... Bitch.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Seafood Buffet!

What a day it was .... one of our company's vendors, Abacus, invited our department to an International Seafood buffet at Marina Square. Pariss International Seafood Buffet Restaurant. It's a 5-star reataurant with LARGE variety of food, ranging from Japanese to Western delights. There are sharks' fin soup, black chicken soup, lobsters, oysters on the rock, crabs, prawns (not to mention tempura!), scallops hand-rolls, sashimi, sushi, pepper crabs, roast meat, hotpots, barbecue dishes, and many beverages to choose from .... It has a great ambience as well, over-looking the Marina Bay. The service is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT. We left the office at 12 where the feast was supposed to start at 1230. And we ate and chit-chat with our vendors until about 1430! Before we left, our vendors gave us each a gift too! It's an elegant steel lighter fueled by pure buthane gas .... wow ... they must have earned alot from the contract with our company ... It costs about $27.80 per person for the buffet lunch. Nice place ... good food ... I will bring my parents there one day .... I will recommend this place to anyone too!

One more thing ... I heard there is another branch at Tampines Mall ... not very sure if they offer as much variety!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


I started the day with a holiday mood, thinking there wasn't much stuff to cover today. Only in the morning my colleague told me there was a meeting at STC in the afternoon ... Prior to that, we had another meeting to plan for the coming projects to be launched in January & February. Gracious me .... I got to start working on it .... And more things were to come after the meeting in the afternoon .... More projects had to be projected in February. I'm relishing the challange at the thought of it ....

After the meeting, I went to meet fc at Singpost since I was on the way .... STC was somewhere near Tanah Merah ... (well, not exactly ... only a few bus-stops away)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

May Yee!!! It's May Yee!!!

I was doing my work this morning when I heard some visitors coming into our office and introducing one as May Yee .... It sounded very familiar to me at first and I thought to myself, "Maybe that's so because it's a common name ...." Then 2 people walked past my cubicle. I know the one walking behind .... It's May Yee!!! It's Lum May Yee!!!

My goodness and she just lighted up my day brighter! Cool ... A-W-E-S-O-M-E ....

Saturday, December 25, 2004

零楼, Zero-th level

There was a X'mas lunch for the marketing division and I won a mp3 player in the lucky draw! But the winning ticket came from one of my colleagues who left her ticket with me .... Should I keep it for myself or return her?

Keep it, Goondu ... it's ours!

How could you?! Do not keep what's not ours. One of life's most important lessons is to be able to lift up our head.

But don't we have ever wanted to get an mp3 player? Take it!

Yes, we have wanted it ... but it's NOT a must have! Do what a righteous will do ... ... Return the gift to the rightful owner ... The smile on the rightful owner's face will be a gift much greater than the mp3 player.


So I shall return the gift to my colleague on monday. Set. But it Shhh, stop it. Nothing will change my mind.

And as a newbie in my department, I'm already prepared to be sabotaged to play a game on stage ... They wanted a representative from each table and the clue of the game is "shortest". Only on stage did everyone know that we were competing for the shortest legs ... ... ... ... ... ... I won. Should I feel sad or happy? In return, I got a exquisite crystal glass .... And a mp3 player. Nope, that's not ours. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. ... ... Yes. No. ...

Friday, December 24, 2004

Kungfu Hush Hush

Hey, what happened to our Alley? Can't imagine I sent an email to ghosts ... no one replied at ALL .... Whether the show does not arouse your interests or you are busy, I'm sure you would have seen the email, isn't it? Does it take away 7 mins of your life to reply in 2 mins at most, does it not? Working life can be busy and tiring but I'm ONLY asking 2 mins of your time as a friend (even if you think you can't afford 98 mins watching Kungfu Hustle together). I hope we are not doing the same with our family and love ones ... ...

And I even give more than an HOUR of time listening to a friend about insurance even though I'M NOT INTERESTED! Okay, maybe I'm stupid .... I'm just being polite .... unless your approach totally put me off .... And my point is this, at least give a reply please! But come to think of it, I'm also guilty of not replying to emails or SMS at times .... hahaha ...

If you are reading this, have a Merry X'mas ... ...

Still, at least hippo was nice enough to get karen & 386 out tonight ... spent my $20 voucher for G2000 one day before it expired. Then we had coffee at Coffee Bean and it was hippo treat! (Though it was buy 1 get 1 free). Thanks again, Hippo. Let it be my turn next time. Though a bit tired, the time was well spent chatting away =p

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Meeting separated us ...

Heard Lum May Yee came down to our office yesterday morning to say Hi to our department BUT I WAS NOT THERE 'COS OF MEETING AT AIRLINE HOUSE .... AGAIN! Hope to see her around in town more often, though I'm not exactly a fan of her ... haha ... just to gain that extra motivation to thrive harder everyday.

By why SIA, Lum May Yee? Of all places .... is the media world out there too tough to make a living? Did you call it a day after eating all those weird stuff in extreme gourmet?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Meetings and more Meetings

My goodness ... my week is filled up with meetings! i had the whole of today doing nothing much except meetings ... tomorrow'll be the same again. In my planner, i've at least one meeting each day ... ... that's not the worst. Basically i'm quite powerless to do anything whenever we have meetings outside our office except replying emails. Because of all these meetings, our daily duties are back logged and tasks thrown by the manager have not been moving much ... ... Many to-dos are screaming at me now .... hahaha

But at least i'm gradually getting used to the meetings and most importantly it makes me feel useful due to the involvement, which beats better than having nothing to do at all ... And did i mention Lum May Yee is having her first day at work in SIA today? YES! The pretty model-actress in the movie 'Chicken rice' and drama 'Paradize'... I heard from a colleague that she's working at the SIA Building at Robinson Road, which means i'll get to see her if heaven grants .... hahaha .... Nah, i'll make some excuses to visit her department instead ... and who knows ... we might be taking the same lift one morning!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cry, either way, I'm going to cry

What a smart ass i'm ... went to upgrade my handset on sunday and found out the next day that there ARE corporate mobile plans available for my company! *&#%@!

It looks like i've to wait for 3 months before they allow me to do a 'downgrade' of mobile plan, which is much cheaper than the public plan ... ... though the switch requires $20 fee, it's definitely worth the savings in many monthly bills to come .... and in case you're thinking, "this guy is dumb, he's a loser" .... think again .... In fact, i think i gain from this 'error' i made ...

As per expectations, the citibank credit sales girl from hell did call me up,

Hi Mr L***, I'm Clare H**** from citibank. Have you send the applications form to us yet?

No. I have not decided whether to apply for the credit cards. (rather cards of death)

No? Oh, you haven't gone through them yet? The first year fees are waived!

(yeah, but i'll be suckered into more debts to support both you and citibank survival huh?)

Can you get back to me before the end of this week to let me know of your decision?


Well Clare, if you are reading this ... (which i think has almost the same chance of getting a cab between 2350 hrs and 0000 hrs) i'm still irritated by your never-ending sales talk that went from one credit card to more and more and more .... .... I've decided not to apply them the moment you moved into the 2nd credit card you were trying to promote to me. I'm just playing along to humour you so that i can build your level of expectation to an ultimate high and let it fall to a devastating effect that is beyond damage control for a few weeks.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Credit Sales Girl from Hell

Got 'stopped' by a citibank credit sales girl outside m1 at bugis today. As usual, these people will just keep talking and being the nice guy, i'll let them keep talking and do their jobs with all the while having no interests in it. After 'wasting' 5-10 mins of my time, she got me to sign on several application forms, from the inital blue visa m1 card to the gold card... of cos after getting the assurance from her that it doesn't mean i'm applying for the cards. In the end, she stuffed the forms into an envelope and ended off by telling me to drop it into the post on the way... ...

On the way home .... i did my best to recall any outstanding benefits i'll get from the cards ... nope ... she didn't mention much about it. Frankly speaking, i was irritated by the fact that she kept talking from one card to another and another which pissed me off .... c'mon, stop wasting my time, you're going too far, aren't you? No way i'm going to drop the forms into the post, mind you ...

Caveat emptor, think wisely if you're getting a quality service or an expensive lesson.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

SilverKris Lounge

Went for a meeting today with my colleague at Airline House today at 3 pm. But we were late by 15 mins. Actually expecting a reprimandation of that sort but hey! nothing was said ... *phew* .... found out it was actually quite an informal kinda ... another guy was still walking around the room asking another something while the rest were in the middle of meeting .... As i was the 'new' guy he had never seen before, he even walked across the room to my colleague and me to ask who i am ... hahaha

My colleague was good enough to bring me to the airport after office hours (since we were very near the airport) to visit the SilverKris Lounge as a familiarisation which is only accessible to pax holding first or raffles class tickets or under KrisFlyer Elite gold or PPS membership. Wow ... the lounge in the first class area is truely A-W-E-S-O-M-E! On the way out, another colleague working in the lounge told us that the person who just walked past us was Lee Hsien Yang .... only catched the back of him though ....

Looking forward to a day of shopping inside the duty free shops in the airport for my Blvgari pour Homme .... hmm ....

Monday, December 06, 2004

The Carebear's birthdays

Went to fetch fc at around 1245, thinking that i could do away with 30 mins of shopping for a cheap briefcase bag at orchard. But how late it was to realise it was such a jam on saturday ... Furthermore, didn't really know the entry to Heeren carpark until fc pointed out to me and i missed it .... which meant it took me about an hour just to drive 3 rounds about Heeren ... #$%^!@ .... Finding a parking place in orchard was challanging as well ... as I had found out later in the night... Piggy better appreciates it .... else .... ....

The karaoke session was indeed a rare occasion 'cos we managed to capture the first time we saw ZSY and ZSN singing ... and ZSY even sang a few times after ZSN went off .... hahaha .... But surprisingly, hippo didn't really sing much. So was fc.

After that we had dinner at Marche, where i ate a lot of different stuff here and there but it amount to less than $13 .... haha ... 'cos i finished up fc's food which she couldn't finish, 'kopped' hippo and xll's food (strange they bought rosti and wedges .... hmm), did a diplomatic exchange of food with dugong and zsy, 'kopped' monkey's food also .... hahaha

Finally we moved to the Istana Park for the 'gake' tasting thanks to the enthusiatic piggy. It was MARVEL-LICOUS! The chocolate flakes that filled up the top, with sexy juicy cherries as the decoration cum appetitiser .... one bite and one will find he or she is out of this world .... i bet my last dollar we have never tasted anything like this before .... It was hard on the base, and soft on the top layer .... The top was decorated nicely with a 'happy birthday' stick as well as a 'carebear' .... it was clear to all that piggy put in a lot of effort into the cake, erm ... 'gake' i mean. I'm sure the rest knew I enjoyed eating the 'gake' so much 'cos i was the last to finish it .... actually wanted a second helping but i should have already expected that a 'gake' that marvel-licious would have been in someone's stomach in no time .... *sigh* ... the next birthday in alley falls on February ....potentially another 2 more months before we can taste something extra-ordinary again .... *phew* .... Hopefully, the x'mas log cake, erm .... yah not 'gake' would be bought at one of the confectionary shops, if not .... hope that it would be a better 'gake' ....

Thursday, December 02, 2004

First Day On My First Job

Nothing much to do today .... was basically introduced to the whole of LMD, followed by familiarisation talk from a few colleagues. More of it on mon and tues again ... Count myself lucky to get a break by going for my induction at STC for the next 2 days ... *phew* .... The work place is quite near to my house as well .... average travelling time of 20-25 mins .... woo-hoo .... But i get to start my engines soon ... got a feeling i have to learn and pick up as much as i can until Jan 'cos another colleague's going away for her cadetship training followed by annual leave which would take around 3 months .... And i'll be taking over her duty. According to her, the 'siong' part lies in the 'fire-fighting' which would normally drag down the planning projects .... Not to mention to expect MANY meetings that left her not much time to do the 'fire-fighting' ... hahaha ... Soon, I might be able to understand her plight ... Meanwhile, i'm gonna enjoy the next 2 days at STC and meet all the newbies like me!

And it's nice of brother thia and piggy to send me a heart warming sms in the morning to kick start my first day, and from hippo as well in the afternoon asking if i had settled down .... not much of a big deal in a dog's first day at work, but i really appreciate it ... Thanks alot u guys, if you are reading this =)

Talking about the afternoon made me think of my lunch with my colleagues .... My goodness, one of them called Maggie has a humongous appetite. We had our first meal at Cedar Green (Turkish fastfood i think) but most felt it's not really filling. So we went to Lau Pat Sat for 2nd round .... this Maggie had wanton mee and then poh-pia for 3rd round .... .... Another group of animals just entered my life ... ... am i living a beast or human life? hahaha

Then on the way home I met Dennis (in SLA) on the train ... really surprised and happy to meet him! One stop later, I met another friend, Huizhi .... really thanks God for the familar faces that i have not met for some time in a train full of strangers .... first day ... well ... quite satisfactory ... =)