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Monday, December 06, 2004

The Carebear's birthdays

Went to fetch fc at around 1245, thinking that i could do away with 30 mins of shopping for a cheap briefcase bag at orchard. But how late it was to realise it was such a jam on saturday ... Furthermore, didn't really know the entry to Heeren carpark until fc pointed out to me and i missed it .... which meant it took me about an hour just to drive 3 rounds about Heeren ... #$%^!@ .... Finding a parking place in orchard was challanging as well ... as I had found out later in the night... Piggy better appreciates it .... else .... ....

The karaoke session was indeed a rare occasion 'cos we managed to capture the first time we saw ZSY and ZSN singing ... and ZSY even sang a few times after ZSN went off .... hahaha .... But surprisingly, hippo didn't really sing much. So was fc.

After that we had dinner at Marche, where i ate a lot of different stuff here and there but it amount to less than $13 .... haha ... 'cos i finished up fc's food which she couldn't finish, 'kopped' hippo and xll's food (strange they bought rosti and wedges .... hmm), did a diplomatic exchange of food with dugong and zsy, 'kopped' monkey's food also .... hahaha

Finally we moved to the Istana Park for the 'gake' tasting thanks to the enthusiatic piggy. It was MARVEL-LICOUS! The chocolate flakes that filled up the top, with sexy juicy cherries as the decoration cum appetitiser .... one bite and one will find he or she is out of this world .... i bet my last dollar we have never tasted anything like this before .... It was hard on the base, and soft on the top layer .... The top was decorated nicely with a 'happy birthday' stick as well as a 'carebear' .... it was clear to all that piggy put in a lot of effort into the cake, erm ... 'gake' i mean. I'm sure the rest knew I enjoyed eating the 'gake' so much 'cos i was the last to finish it .... actually wanted a second helping but i should have already expected that a 'gake' that marvel-licious would have been in someone's stomach in no time .... *sigh* ... the next birthday in alley falls on February ....potentially another 2 more months before we can taste something extra-ordinary again .... *phew* .... Hopefully, the x'mas log cake, erm .... yah not 'gake' would be bought at one of the confectionary shops, if not .... hope that it would be a better 'gake' ....


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