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Monday, December 13, 2004

Credit Sales Girl from Hell

Got 'stopped' by a citibank credit sales girl outside m1 at bugis today. As usual, these people will just keep talking and being the nice guy, i'll let them keep talking and do their jobs with all the while having no interests in it. After 'wasting' 5-10 mins of my time, she got me to sign on several application forms, from the inital blue visa m1 card to the gold card... of cos after getting the assurance from her that it doesn't mean i'm applying for the cards. In the end, she stuffed the forms into an envelope and ended off by telling me to drop it into the post on the way... ...

On the way home .... i did my best to recall any outstanding benefits i'll get from the cards ... nope ... she didn't mention much about it. Frankly speaking, i was irritated by the fact that she kept talking from one card to another and another which pissed me off .... c'mon, stop wasting my time, you're going too far, aren't you? No way i'm going to drop the forms into the post, mind you ...

Caveat emptor, think wisely if you're getting a quality service or an expensive lesson.


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