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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Cry, either way, I'm going to cry

What a smart ass i'm ... went to upgrade my handset on sunday and found out the next day that there ARE corporate mobile plans available for my company! *&#%@!

It looks like i've to wait for 3 months before they allow me to do a 'downgrade' of mobile plan, which is much cheaper than the public plan ... ... though the switch requires $20 fee, it's definitely worth the savings in many monthly bills to come .... and in case you're thinking, "this guy is dumb, he's a loser" .... think again .... In fact, i think i gain from this 'error' i made ...

As per expectations, the citibank credit sales girl from hell did call me up,

Hi Mr L***, I'm Clare H**** from citibank. Have you send the applications form to us yet?

No. I have not decided whether to apply for the credit cards. (rather cards of death)

No? Oh, you haven't gone through them yet? The first year fees are waived!

(yeah, but i'll be suckered into more debts to support both you and citibank survival huh?)

Can you get back to me before the end of this week to let me know of your decision?


Well Clare, if you are reading this ... (which i think has almost the same chance of getting a cab between 2350 hrs and 0000 hrs) i'm still irritated by your never-ending sales talk that went from one credit card to more and more and more .... .... I've decided not to apply them the moment you moved into the 2nd credit card you were trying to promote to me. I'm just playing along to humour you so that i can build your level of expectation to an ultimate high and let it fall to a devastating effect that is beyond damage control for a few weeks.


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