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Thursday, December 02, 2004

First Day On My First Job

Nothing much to do today .... was basically introduced to the whole of LMD, followed by familiarisation talk from a few colleagues. More of it on mon and tues again ... Count myself lucky to get a break by going for my induction at STC for the next 2 days ... *phew* .... The work place is quite near to my house as well .... average travelling time of 20-25 mins .... woo-hoo .... But i get to start my engines soon ... got a feeling i have to learn and pick up as much as i can until Jan 'cos another colleague's going away for her cadetship training followed by annual leave which would take around 3 months .... And i'll be taking over her duty. According to her, the 'siong' part lies in the 'fire-fighting' which would normally drag down the planning projects .... Not to mention to expect MANY meetings that left her not much time to do the 'fire-fighting' ... hahaha ... Soon, I might be able to understand her plight ... Meanwhile, i'm gonna enjoy the next 2 days at STC and meet all the newbies like me!

And it's nice of brother thia and piggy to send me a heart warming sms in the morning to kick start my first day, and from hippo as well in the afternoon asking if i had settled down .... not much of a big deal in a dog's first day at work, but i really appreciate it ... Thanks alot u guys, if you are reading this =)

Talking about the afternoon made me think of my lunch with my colleagues .... My goodness, one of them called Maggie has a humongous appetite. We had our first meal at Cedar Green (Turkish fastfood i think) but most felt it's not really filling. So we went to Lau Pat Sat for 2nd round .... this Maggie had wanton mee and then poh-pia for 3rd round .... .... Another group of animals just entered my life ... ... am i living a beast or human life? hahaha

Then on the way home I met Dennis (in SLA) on the train ... really surprised and happy to meet him! One stop later, I met another friend, Huizhi .... really thanks God for the familar faces that i have not met for some time in a train full of strangers .... first day ... well ... quite satisfactory ... =)


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