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Friday, December 24, 2004

Kungfu Hush Hush

Hey, what happened to our Alley? Can't imagine I sent an email to ghosts ... no one replied at ALL .... Whether the show does not arouse your interests or you are busy, I'm sure you would have seen the email, isn't it? Does it take away 7 mins of your life to reply in 2 mins at most, does it not? Working life can be busy and tiring but I'm ONLY asking 2 mins of your time as a friend (even if you think you can't afford 98 mins watching Kungfu Hustle together). I hope we are not doing the same with our family and love ones ... ...

And I even give more than an HOUR of time listening to a friend about insurance even though I'M NOT INTERESTED! Okay, maybe I'm stupid .... I'm just being polite .... unless your approach totally put me off .... And my point is this, at least give a reply please! But come to think of it, I'm also guilty of not replying to emails or SMS at times .... hahaha ...

If you are reading this, have a Merry X'mas ... ...

Still, at least hippo was nice enough to get karen & 386 out tonight ... spent my $20 voucher for G2000 one day before it expired. Then we had coffee at Coffee Bean and it was hippo treat! (Though it was buy 1 get 1 free). Thanks again, Hippo. Let it be my turn next time. Though a bit tired, the time was well spent chatting away =p


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