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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Meetings and more Meetings

My goodness ... my week is filled up with meetings! i had the whole of today doing nothing much except meetings ... tomorrow'll be the same again. In my planner, i've at least one meeting each day ... ... that's not the worst. Basically i'm quite powerless to do anything whenever we have meetings outside our office except replying emails. Because of all these meetings, our daily duties are back logged and tasks thrown by the manager have not been moving much ... ... Many to-dos are screaming at me now .... hahaha

But at least i'm gradually getting used to the meetings and most importantly it makes me feel useful due to the involvement, which beats better than having nothing to do at all ... And did i mention Lum May Yee is having her first day at work in SIA today? YES! The pretty model-actress in the movie 'Chicken rice' and drama 'Paradize'... I heard from a colleague that she's working at the SIA Building at Robinson Road, which means i'll get to see her if heaven grants .... hahaha .... Nah, i'll make some excuses to visit her department instead ... and who knows ... we might be taking the same lift one morning!


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