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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Seafood Buffet!

What a day it was .... one of our company's vendors, Abacus, invited our department to an International Seafood buffet at Marina Square. Pariss International Seafood Buffet Restaurant. It's a 5-star reataurant with LARGE variety of food, ranging from Japanese to Western delights. There are sharks' fin soup, black chicken soup, lobsters, oysters on the rock, crabs, prawns (not to mention tempura!), scallops hand-rolls, sashimi, sushi, pepper crabs, roast meat, hotpots, barbecue dishes, and many beverages to choose from .... It has a great ambience as well, over-looking the Marina Bay. The service is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT. We left the office at 12 where the feast was supposed to start at 1230. And we ate and chit-chat with our vendors until about 1430! Before we left, our vendors gave us each a gift too! It's an elegant steel lighter fueled by pure buthane gas .... wow ... they must have earned alot from the contract with our company ... It costs about $27.80 per person for the buffet lunch. Nice place ... good food ... I will bring my parents there one day .... I will recommend this place to anyone too!

One more thing ... I heard there is another branch at Tampines Mall ... not very sure if they offer as much variety!


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