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Saturday, December 25, 2004

零楼, Zero-th level

There was a X'mas lunch for the marketing division and I won a mp3 player in the lucky draw! But the winning ticket came from one of my colleagues who left her ticket with me .... Should I keep it for myself or return her?

Keep it, Goondu ... it's ours!

How could you?! Do not keep what's not ours. One of life's most important lessons is to be able to lift up our head.

But don't we have ever wanted to get an mp3 player? Take it!

Yes, we have wanted it ... but it's NOT a must have! Do what a righteous will do ... ... Return the gift to the rightful owner ... The smile on the rightful owner's face will be a gift much greater than the mp3 player.


So I shall return the gift to my colleague on monday. Set. But it Shhh, stop it. Nothing will change my mind.

And as a newbie in my department, I'm already prepared to be sabotaged to play a game on stage ... They wanted a representative from each table and the clue of the game is "shortest". Only on stage did everyone know that we were competing for the shortest legs ... ... ... ... ... ... I won. Should I feel sad or happy? In return, I got a exquisite crystal glass .... And a mp3 player. Nope, that's not ours. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. ... ... Yes. No. ...


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