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"Setbacks are the opportunity to grow, to transcend, to stumble onto a better way"

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

shhh ....

Well, actually haven't been able to sleep well for the past 2 nights. I kept waking up in the middle of the night or found it a challange to fall asleep even when I felt tired ... ... Hmm, I wonder how, I wonder why, yesterday you told about the blue blue sky ... da da da ....

Hahaha, so the lack of quality sleep explains my lethargic in the day. Anyway, I went for a meeting with my colleague outside our office in the afternoon and after it ended, we were left with an hour before we closed shop for the day. We could take a taxi back and do whatever we could with 30 mins. However ... ... we decided we were not really productive to make a big bang out of 30 mins at the end of a day. As long as "you don't say, I don't say" ... ... ... ... sshhh

Monday, January 10, 2005


Got a rebuke in an email from dugong recently, which came after I "condemned" Killiney bread in the previous emails. Honestly, I was only saying it in humour and I'm certain the whole of Alley knew it as well. Probably it was too much (which i doubt) for him to take it anymore? Or did i really step on his tail at bad timing? I guess it's both ... ... i know why he is in bad mood after the emails ... but hey duke, if u 're reading this, how come piggy escaped without any warnings when she did "attack" Killiney bread too? Some sort of brudder u are ... ... 重色轻友 leh ... ...

And these charity shows on TV like 仁慈 and NKF ... ... why is there a minimum amount of $5 as donations and where will this $5 contribute? To subsidise the medical fees or to buy more equipments or to expand the facilities or what else? We were taught to donate whatever small amount, even 50 cents. What should i say to the innocent kid that asks me the same question?