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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Waiting for each other

She had a meeting outside today, again. She has so many meetings. I don't see her predecessor going for that many meetings, I wonder why. Halfway through her meeting, she messaged that she would be coming back to office as she wanted to go gym. I told her that I would be staying late anyway. So after doing some of her stuff, she went to the gym while I stayed behind to finish my work. 8pm. I guessed she would have finished by 1 1/2 hrs later... ...

So by the time I packed up & walked to the station, I took my time. Even went to the toilet & missed 2 trains. Yes, I was waiting for her. As usual, I only have courage. I messaged her that I was ready to leave, if she was done yet. Just as I sent, she messaged me the same thing, if I had finished my work. She asked if I want her to wait for me. Of course! I was waiting for you all along! So in the end, we met at the station inside.

Though I should have got off & changed trains, I purposely take another route so that I can accompany her a few more stops. I wanted to suggest grabbing a bite, but as we did the same yesterday, I wasn't sure if that would be a good idea. She said, "Do you want to eat something?" So we went to Eunos to eat 'hor fun' but the noodles was 'mien fen' instead. 11pm. Time to leave she said, else I wouldn't be able to catch the bus. In the end, she brought me to the bus-stop. Actually reached her house along the way, but said she wanted to get something at 7-11 & show me where to take the bus. But she couldn't get her father who was somewhere around the area waiting for her as it was too late. 1130pm. So in the end, I walked her back home again.

Can I say it is a story of waiting(or missing)-for-each-other & a can't-bear-to-leave-you ending?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wonderful Tuesday Ending

I was brain dead yesterday & felt so useless wasting a day of time. My lack of sleep the day before probably explains why. So I slept much much earlier & woke up today bursting with energy. Quite satisfied with my performance except a few urgent matters that disrupted my flow of thoughts on getting some jobs done that would be due on 31 Mar. As what I would normally tell my partner, "relax, everything is under control", hahaha .... Far from finishing up the stuff due in 2 days though .... .... relax .... control ....

Anyway, she was at a meeting the whole day outside & SMS me in the afternoon. Guess she was bored with the meeting. She asked if I would be staying late as she wanted to clear some work in the office & she hadn't had the keys. Well, I had already planned to work late. Anyway, I was the last while she was ready to go. Asked me how long would I be staying. 15 mins more. So she waited for me. So happy. Then we went to have a bite at bugis. She wanted ice cream at Mc but I said no fast food. I said "go Mc then" but she said "go food court". So sweet of her. Went to get 'guo tie' & at the same time while waiting, she called me to get 'guo tie' for her. We read each other's mind!. After that, said she would treat me to ice cream. So we proceeded to Mc & enjoyed our sundaes & fries... ...

Monday, March 28, 2005

Super Sunday

Nearly got dishearted for the day because I messaged her at 10am to go blading today but received her reply until 12 plus. She was teaching piano lessons! Then she replied her friend & her friends would be blading later, asked if I wanna join them. Actually feel a bit uneasy since that was not in my plan .... Since I have nothing but courage. Okay! Well, actually I did ask Dugong to come along but he was too tired after working at Kopitiam ... Why didn't I think of CJ & Hippo then ....? Don't ask me, I don't know .... Maybe it was too much of a last minute ....

So I met her first since her friend was late. So in the end, her friend & her friend's boyfriend? (not sure) & another couple were blading with us. So happy! All were couple-pairings ehz? What does that mean? Then found out that she was supposed to meet the same friend & a group for a drink last Thursday but she ended up watching movie at Lido with me instead. So her friend was asking, "So is this the colleague that you were watching the movie together last thursday?" Does that mean I scored points for that?

After blading, her friend & friends were going to eat durians at Geylang. Since mum was cooking & she had durians yesterday, we went our ways. But somehow we ended up going to Joo Chiat to eat wanton-mee & rojak. Yeah, she suggested it & brought me there. She asked if I could still eat at home after eating with her. Of course I have to say 'Yes'! But she did say I am skinny, so nevermind .... hahaha. And it seems that she & her family frequent that place because the rojak uncle was telling her that her parents just came ....

Alright, there is no free lunch in this world ... After having your delight in the reading, what do you advise?

Friday, March 25, 2005


Had a female colleague joining our department last week on the 15th. I'm surprised we can really talk to each other. It's nothing I have encountered before ... someone of the opposite sex that I can really communicate. A few days of knowing her is akin to a few years of friendship. This is so mutual! Even one of my colleagues was telling me she can sense sparks flying on the 2nd day!

Help, I feel I am getting more attracted to her each day ... ... I feel we are meant for each other Does she feel the same?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

My Goodness, don't you feel cold in the freezing weather?

You are a dancing queen, sweet & young.

So Cute!