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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Waiting for each other

She had a meeting outside today, again. She has so many meetings. I don't see her predecessor going for that many meetings, I wonder why. Halfway through her meeting, she messaged that she would be coming back to office as she wanted to go gym. I told her that I would be staying late anyway. So after doing some of her stuff, she went to the gym while I stayed behind to finish my work. 8pm. I guessed she would have finished by 1 1/2 hrs later... ...

So by the time I packed up & walked to the station, I took my time. Even went to the toilet & missed 2 trains. Yes, I was waiting for her. As usual, I only have courage. I messaged her that I was ready to leave, if she was done yet. Just as I sent, she messaged me the same thing, if I had finished my work. She asked if I want her to wait for me. Of course! I was waiting for you all along! So in the end, we met at the station inside.

Though I should have got off & changed trains, I purposely take another route so that I can accompany her a few more stops. I wanted to suggest grabbing a bite, but as we did the same yesterday, I wasn't sure if that would be a good idea. She said, "Do you want to eat something?" So we went to Eunos to eat 'hor fun' but the noodles was 'mien fen' instead. 11pm. Time to leave she said, else I wouldn't be able to catch the bus. In the end, she brought me to the bus-stop. Actually reached her house along the way, but said she wanted to get something at 7-11 & show me where to take the bus. But she couldn't get her father who was somewhere around the area waiting for her as it was too late. 1130pm. So in the end, I walked her back home again.

Can I say it is a story of waiting(or missing)-for-each-other & a can't-bear-to-leave-you ending?


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