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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wonderful Tuesday Ending

I was brain dead yesterday & felt so useless wasting a day of time. My lack of sleep the day before probably explains why. So I slept much much earlier & woke up today bursting with energy. Quite satisfied with my performance except a few urgent matters that disrupted my flow of thoughts on getting some jobs done that would be due on 31 Mar. As what I would normally tell my partner, "relax, everything is under control", hahaha .... Far from finishing up the stuff due in 2 days though .... .... relax .... control ....

Anyway, she was at a meeting the whole day outside & SMS me in the afternoon. Guess she was bored with the meeting. She asked if I would be staying late as she wanted to clear some work in the office & she hadn't had the keys. Well, I had already planned to work late. Anyway, I was the last while she was ready to go. Asked me how long would I be staying. 15 mins more. So she waited for me. So happy. Then we went to have a bite at bugis. She wanted ice cream at Mc but I said no fast food. I said "go Mc then" but she said "go food court". So sweet of her. Went to get 'guo tie' & at the same time while waiting, she called me to get 'guo tie' for her. We read each other's mind!. After that, said she would treat me to ice cream. So we proceeded to Mc & enjoyed our sundaes & fries... ...


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