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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Interpret the evening

Knew from yesterday that she was going to FF today. So I guess she didn't have any programs for the day. So I messaged her in the afternoon if she would like to meet for dinner and catch a movie. Quite surprised that she agreed as I was anticipating that she would already have some programs lined up. So we met at cineleisure but the seats available were separated. Went to Lido in the end (yes, that's our Alley HQ). We catched the 930 show - Interpreter. So-so rating if not for Sean Penn & Nicole Kidman plus the plot that almost lost me right from the beginning til the end. I am still finding out the rationale for certain part of the plot though. Please let me know if you have watched & understood it... ... got to make my money worth... ...

We went for dinner at Border's Olio Dome. We saw something we shouldn't see... rather it is more politically correct to say someone saw something she shouldn't see. We met our colleague! Oh shoot me, there is going to be more whisperings from ears to ears come Monday. The teasing will come. We are ready & prepared.


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