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Monday, April 25, 2005

It is always easier to say

Supposed to meet CJ & Hippo for blading today. As a matter of fact, both of them asked me on Saturday. But they did me in ... ... they pulled out last minute for some reasons. In the end I went alone. Nevermind, it was not the first time Hippo had used the same 'trick' on us. I am beginning to doubt her words seriously. Does she say something for the sake of saying? A spur of the moment that never meant to be realised? More than a couple of times she has initiated something and pulled out the last minute ... ... More than a couple of times she gives advices that nobody understands ... ... I am also wondering if she had been lending her ears to listen to my stories in the past ... ... Tell you what, I am going to take her words as a pinch of salt until she has proven she is worth what she says.

Perhaps if there is something positive that I can learn from this is the - "it's always easier to say" phrase. But I am going to improve it with "it's always easier to say from the bottom of my heart". Say what my heart wants to let someone knows, what I want to be heard. I have been keeping something at the bottom of my heart from J for sometimes. I have been wondering if she knows. I think she should yet how do I really know? I won't know unless I ask, isn't it? She wouldn't know unless I make it known to her, would she? It is always easier to say, they say. But I will say, it is always easier to say from the bottom of my heart.


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