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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Keep Moving

J got many blisters from her old and new shoes today & was asking me for plasters. I went to check the first aid box in the office & couldn't believe there weren't any. I thought of going down to buy for her. But sensible thinkings of tongues wagging in the office pulled me back. It was only until knock-off time that she asked me again. This time, I went to buy some for her. Hope that would add flavour to her opinions of me. Anyway, competition is everywhere now. A male colleague is flying to Frankfurt this Sunday & asked her what she want at the airport. Hmm ... ... food for thoughts ...

Anyway, many staffs had left long before us & we were the last to leave the office. We caught (or rather they caught us?) them chilling out at the Starbucks below our office. She told me the bunch was teasing us. I didn't hear that. I'm not sure if I want to hear that. It would be nice, yet wonder if my fragile heart could take another beating with a wishful one-way thinking. She invited me to join her 2 guy friends for a drink & I was hesitating along the way actually as I expressed my insecurity that I would feel odd. She assured me it wouldn't be. I had actually more or less decided on going home early, somehow a karmic force that managed to elude my detection pushed me to join her for the night. Perhaps it was her expressions on her face that told me she wanted me to join her. Fortunately, the night ended assuringly well with deep & meaningful conversations with her & her friends. Hey, I didn't drink. You know I can't drink, don't you?

Now, I wonder if that was a step forward or 1 step back to move 2 steps forward.


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