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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Rare commodity ... finally ...

My manager SMS me & my partner at 520pm, "Good work so far ... just got +ve feedback on your work submitted". She was attending a meeting that involves the higher management & I guess we did her proud at least for today. Afterall, we have been stretched to the limit on resources & this is one of the nice little rewards or recognitions that we will welcome anytime. Of course this isn't the time to feel complacent, we won a battle, not the war yet.

Then came the conspiracy from a probably time-share travel agency. One guy called me saying I had won a lucky draw & went on blabbing about my prize. Before he could get an answer from me to "verify" my "identity" as he claimed, I asked how did I end up participating in the contest.

Because one of the major airlines had given us your record when you flew with them.

Which airline?

I'm not sure. One of the major airlines. We don't have the record.

Which airline? How is it that you don't have the record? Doesn't the draw go through audit?

Yes, of course. Audit will go through it, but we do not know which airline.

Nevermind. What is the period of flying that is eligible for the draw?

Oh that. It stretches for a very long time.


It stretches for a very long time.

Tell you what, I am not convinced that this is really a true lucky draw.

It's okay, thank you for your time.

One more thing, fire spreads really fast in the office ... ... thanks to my colleague whom we bumped into at Wheellock place. People were sneaking up to me & asked if we were an item ... ... In my heart: I hope so! Soon. Not YET. Fortunately she was on duty travel ... ... and I hope they don't do the same to her when she returns ... ...

Finally had the chance to passenger-sit my manager's car as she gave me a lift for the same meeting ... a convertible sports car, 2 seater Mazda ... It was simply cool ... She blasted the music but didn't unwind the rooftop ... that's the only pity ... ...


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