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Monday, April 11, 2005


Hmm ... didn't manage to get her out for the past one week or so, since I joined her and her friends for shopping the other day. I guess she is not interested in me afterall, probably just being friendly. Her replies in SMS weren't that hopeful either... so I think it is time to move on before she makes it anymore clearer in a way that I couldn't accept!

Anyway, I have been thinking for the past few weeks about my prospect in the company. I took the chance to seek the advice from another colleague, YY, who just received her 25 years of Award Service. She told me things were good in the golden days, but not now. She said my venture outside would certainly achieve much more than if I were to stay behind and work my way up. Even a manager position & above would pale in terms of pay & benefits etc... ... She gave a definite advice, "Leave".

Meanwhile, I seeked another colleague in the same department who is a scholar bonded to the company for 4 years. He has about another 2 years to complete the bond but going to break soon to persue his MBA. He advises me to play the wait-and-see game. "Stay for a year and see..." He said I was doing fine, especially when my colleague was away for course and leave for more than a month. The issues we are concerned are whether the boss will take notice and give the opportunities due to us. He said the big boss listened to my manager alot... which I felt was true. On the other hand, will my manager fervently recommend me? I have to think twice .... because I have no clues to that. Perhaps... I should stay... On the other hand, prospect is certainly brighter (pay-wise) on the other side of the fence.


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