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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So Cold

I don't mean the weather, nevermind that it was raining heavily in the day. I sensed myself getting a little bit of distance from her (J). I guess it was the same for her. Any idiots could have guessed my intentions and her intentions were never on the same side. It just took a BIG idiot like me until Saturday to realise that. I SMS her on Friday to ask her out. Her reply on Saturday was so ... ... obvious in the meaning ... ... She isn't interested.

It did not help to get me warmer when my female colleague, N was telling me something via 'net send' in Lotus Notes. J was going to shop for a pyjamas, a cute pj for a guy friend. N didn't know if he is her B/F or someone close to that. Add to that, J and N are going to Kuching on one of the long weekends in May. Both J and N have friends over there. Both want to meet their friends. J's friend is a guy. It felt so cold out of a sudden. I remember she bought a phone card a few weeks ago to make a long distance call to Sarawak. So I guess that person means more than a friend to her. All the while, I was listening to 童话. Past experience has trained me more than enough to hold my tears in front of the public eyes. Office is the last place to show my tears.

Later in the day, I received a SMS from a friend I have not heard for some time. (Oh not to mention I met my friend who lived opposite me while on the way to work too. Though so near, I have never met her for very long time). Anyway, I used to fancy this girl. She asked if I have a G/F. I asked her back if she has a B/F. So both of us are still single & looking ... ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

doggy is strong, life is ful of wonderful surprises u never know, so go out and reach for them!

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