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"Setbacks are the opportunity to grow, to transcend, to stumble onto a better way"

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

At 3-0 at halftime, how would you rate Liverpool chance of emerging victorious?

0-5%. Exactly! Liverpool was trailing AC Milan by 3 goals at halftime in the champions league final. Who would have the courage and confidence to stand firm with the trailing team in winning the match?

I learned something from the Liverpudians. Anything is possible when the outcome is still to be decided! Regardless. I felt so much better after getting some quality sleep. In my case, it is the BELIEF that "anything is still possible when the outcome is yet to be decided" I must behold, firmly. This is not enough. I have to come up with a STRATEGY to achieve my aims. And follow up with ACTIONS. The FEEDBACKS will tell me if my strategy is working.

My yesterday's belief was weak and limiting, but not now.

My yesterday's strategy was non-existing due to the limiting belief.

What actions could possibly follow then?

Time to go back to the roots and ask myself the CORRECT questions!


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