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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The phone call

Just had my 1st business meeting where the CEO announced the company performance for the past FY and bonus for the year. As expected after hearing all the insider information, we got a 4 months bonus, that means I would get about slightly more than 2 months (pro-rated). Yeah...

Anyway, I feel that so much things have happened emotionally for the past few days. Maybe I was too sensitive, I felt that another colleague was going after her... or maybe he was just too nice to all the girls and ladies in the office. I don't think he is that a threat but it is unlike me to underestimate my opponent... ... Despite the whole office (including the general staff & managers! I think) knowing that something is going on between us (thanks to another colleague who caught us outside & maybe a few of my small actions observed by many), I had a feeling he was forcing straight into the race (openly?). But something happened tonight that makes me feel better.

After listening to the speeches, we proceeded to help ourselves with the dinner buffet. She wasn't mingling with the office colleagues during our meal. I saw her with her friend whom she introduced earlier on. At a time when we decided to leave, all along I was keeping watch of her location, and as I was looking for her to say 'bye', she was looking in our directions as well. We waved to each other. Upon reaching home, I wanted to message her after my bath. But she messaged me first, saying that she had to entertain an old friend as they seldom meet. I told her I understand that... yes, I truly do.

Then she called my handphone & chatted a few minutes. She had to help her mum with something. Said she would call my house and she did. We chatted for very long as I listened to her complaints with her work. So happy... ... I mean not with her complains, but to me this was a big step forward... ... okay, I wrote a long blog just to express that I'm damn happy tonight. =]


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