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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


A really mix and lost day... even my colleagues could sense my 180 degrees change of mood on both halves of the day, yet I felt my mood was lousy all the way. J took off-in-lieu in the morning. Once I started getting to work back from lunch, my general staffs were teasing me. "What a change of mood! You were so listless in the morning but so energetic now" Actually I had only 2 hrs of sleep the night before... I didn't tell them that... I was in no mood for any entertaintment, partly I was busy. But the kick in the tooth came from the many exhanges of SMS with another colleague who went with J to Kuching. I came to know of the "bad news". Okay, I put in the double quotes myself... ... These are just some extracts of our exchanges ....

N: Bad news. She likes that sarawak guy. Nice guy too, that was.
I asked if that's what J told her.
N: Sort of told me. Too bad for u...
That guy likes her too?
N: I think so lar... But of course he didn't tell me anything...
How do you rate my chances?
N: 0 to 5 percent for now.
My heart jumped out... Are they together?
N: Not yet. Seems more of geographical reasons.
She advises me to "leave her alone" at this point.
N: Stop thinking about it lah. I think she would be really missing him in the next two weeks at least. The feeling looks mutual. And the guy is musically talented.
I know how it feels to vision the world crashing right before one... It was a stab in the heart and the brain is momentarily lost in twilight zone.

I didn't feel like eating with anyone associated to the office, to plug the gap in my wounds... temporarily. I asked CJ. Fortunately, he could accompany me for lunch. Thanks Bro, though you had absolutely no idea of the reasons I got you.

I hate to admit... that guy from Sarawak is indeed a girls-magnet. But I am sure most of us have heard of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise. The tortoise has also 0 to 5% at the beginning of the race. When the action begins and the drama comes in, anything can happen... The tortoise wins the race with a happy ending =) Man proposes and God disposes.



Anonymous Adele said...

As long as she's unmarried, u still stand a chance. Buck up!

11:51 AM  
Blogger X&Y said...

Thanks and I really appreciate your encouragement. Yet... I understand today why my colleague is telling me that I have at most 5% chance.

11:34 PM  

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