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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Chicken Crossing The Road

One of my colleague who is leaving the company to migrate to Australia in July emailed some of us the department's version of "Chicken Crossing The Road". It's so hilarious! Okay, I guess it is so when you know how the department operates and especially when you know each and everyone of us!

Chicken Crossing the road Version 2 - LMD folks' possible response to "Chicken crossing the road".

ENG TAT - How can the chicken cross a road? It must be fraudulent.

ASHWYN - The feathers are damn cool man!

JEFF - Curry Chicken!!!

BEN - Better safe guard the chicken before Michelle threw across and into my cubicle!

BERNIE - I must grab that chicken and asked it to set up the online redemption OD pairs for me!

MOLLY - Tell the chicken it better don’t ask for retro miles after it crossed the road.

CAROLINE - How can KMS let the chicken cross the road just like that? This is not good servicing, they must at least advise whether can earn miles or not!

CECILIA - Oh dear, the chicken is going to write a complaint letter to CEO!

ANNABEL - Ask MA to issue a voucher to the chicken lah!

LAWRENCE - Chicken! You are dumb!

NORLINDAH - I think the chicken got Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). [After looking at Paul's response below, became dumbfounded].... never mind I said that!

MICHELLE - So the chicken crossing fee charge to SQTT (Teletech cost centre) is it?

JASMINE - Is the chicken included in our forecast for FTEs?

KAI LIN - [Ignoring the Chicken] Is that a TODS Bag on sale?

SOE GOH - Better ask the chicken if it received its account statement on time.

MAGGIE - Can I put a KPI on the chicken?

RENEE - Hey did we include Chickens in our programme guide?

WEE KOK - Crossing the road is not as effective as swimming across.

PAUL - [Singing in a Cantonese accent while waving his aircraft model] Chicken crossing the road! Chicken crossing the road!

TERENCE - The chicken feathers are of an excellent grade. It’s of the same quality as a 2-ply Egyptian wool.

YVETTE - I don’t think the chicken promo is attractive enough, did it properly set up the rules on how to cross the road and use CDW to segment which road to cross?

CARISSA - [Looking at all of us and shaking her head]...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Wonton Noodles

Was watching this drama on TV while I decided to stone for a few minutes after I woke up in the morning. Then something said by the female lead awaken me up from the stupor. The female lead had been doing everything to be together with the male lead. He actually loved her but for some reasons, he couldn't and the girl was unaware of it. He kept refusing her love. So while they were eating wanton noodles at a roadside stall, she dropped a hint to him with a heavy heart... ...

"I can give you everything, all the wontons in my bowl, however I still have to leave one for myself, for the sake of dignity. Because having the noodles without any wontons, is not called wonton noodles anymore."

I felt that was quite meaningful.

Monday, June 13, 2005

iPod Mini!

I wonder if it's the after shock of the near accident I had on Saturday. Afterall, my friend who escaped death on the same day was in the frame of mind to finish a $6 plate of pineapple fried rice all by himself. He claims that managed to calm him down. My way of calming down? I spend. I got myself a iPod Mini ...

It Was Accident Day on Saturday

I was supposed to meet a long time friend in the army at 130pm at Bugis on Saturday. But he SMS that he met a car accident and would be very late. His friend who just got his license a month ago was giving him a lift. He turned right against his favour and a taxi hit into the left side of the car where my friend was. Fortunately, the taxi hit the rear passenger portion where it was empty. Just his luck ... and it rubbed on me too!

On the same day itself, I was crossing the road after my gym. It was the green man signals. I crossed the road, turning to the right where the opposing cars were stopping in front of the stop line. Just then, something dreadful caught my attention. There was this van that came from behind the traffic and was speeding all the way without any signs of slowing down! As soon as I realised this van had gone past the traffic lights, I thought to myself I must jump back now or else I would be hit! Next thing I know, a taxi hit the van. It was the green light in favour of the taxi who was in a perpendicular direction. My goodness ... what was the driver in the van thinking ...

Friday, June 10, 2005

More Discovery

Things are getting more exciting. Morale in the office is not really that high, I think. Well, at least my morale is not. I went for a coffee break at YaKun (sorry bro duke) around 10 plus in the morning with another colleague, N. After that we went to raffles place to walk around, to display our unhappiness with our boss. Stayed at gramaphone listening to CDs for a very long time. I was so tempted to buy a few CDs that I liked. So was N. Anyway, we stayed til 12 which was lunch time. Just a few minutes before that, a colleague called to ask where we were as our boss was looking for us. Kidding, he was. He knew we went off, hahaha. But hey, we found out later he went off for coffee break with 3 colleagues!

J then SMS N where we were so that we could have lunch together. But we were very full. Cut the story short, our boss happened to be around her and asked where were we. J told her we were at raffles place. Goodness, but we can't really blame her as not anyone could have stayed calm and lie. Then our boss called N on the phone... .... Of course N told her we were at raffles place having lunch. But we guessed she probably knew. Who cares. Though we were still a bit annoyed. We told J not to find us as we were not eating, yet she insisted on finding us... bringing along 2 other colleagues. Oh dear, I wondered if she knew what she was doing! Letting more people know we were skiving was the last thing on our mind. We guessed she wanted to feel better by accompanying us when she let slipped her tongue... ...

Again, I think the drama of blame shifting continued today. This time, my boss emailed me asking some questions to ascertain the person who made the bad decision. Initially, she asked some questions that I felt were amiss. So I asked her the purpose of these questions. She replied it was to ascertain who made the decision. Hey, the questions were directing at me! A past email from someone asking me certain questions. She asked what I replied. To think she was using that to ascertain 'I' was the scapegoat? The emails were full of clarifications on things the correspondent did not understand! It was not a decision making email! FYI, the person who made the decision had an 8 hr long meeting with the correspondents and gave them the word! And they were supposed to let me know of the changes and to think I only discovered the change late in development. Now, this person's boss was turning the tables by saying they misunderstood the meaning of earlier discussion and questioned why I wasn't aware of it. The worst was that my boss actually played the game. I think they joined forces. I am fighting back.

And I made another discovery. J had very bad experiences with my boss, for whatever reasons. I was really surprised. Either my boss was smart or J hid it very well.

But well, I also discovered more on my low chances with J and the various reasons why she wanted me to stop the chase, thanks to N who told me, for my own good... ... More on this to come in the coming blog. Watch this space.

And my colleagues K has 4 tickets from our company partners to watch PCK the musical tomorrow. K invited R, S and me to go. I don't know why she wanted me to go since the rest are girls. No, she is not interested in me. She is attached, so are the rest. I guess it's because we can get along well and I have helped them on a few occasions. And it happened that another male colleague T was there when she invited me. The tricky part is here. T hangs around with them more than me. They usually lunch together while I lunch with N & J. So K told me she just realized that T was around and asked if she could invite J in my place instead to avoid the embarassment. She knew that I like J, so I would feel better giving up the chance. Of course, I understand the tricky situation at stake and do what I think I should do. Not because J would get to go... ...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Almost Quit Because I was Wronged

I know this day would not be far off from yesterday. I could sense danger looming, but not the blood that would be shed ... ...

We had a departmental meeting in the morning. One of the bosses, standing in for the Big Boss who was away, pissed me off TOTALLY. Let's call this lady boss Bitch. Initially, she asked me for some updates on one of the projects I was handling. I managed to exchange some humourous quick wits with her. Then came the blades ... ... Bitch started drilling some questions to me on a matter that her staff had made the mistakes. Bitch was good ... she could shift the blames TOTALLY on me. No prizes for guessing how I felt for the rest of the day... ... Could you imagine she did that in front of all the AOs? The fact that she could blatantly lie through her teeth? I thought I was a master in telling lies in a straight face, but she was the Devil's daughter. A pity my Boss came after that, otherwise I would have seen her reactions. Anyway, I was contemplating the thought of quitting the whole day. I walked around in the NTUC to cool down for a few hours, thinking of the dreams that I have been wanting to persue. I realised I have been getting too engrossed and maybe comfortable in my job, in the process neglecting my dreams! What are my goals? Where do I want to be in 3 years time? Is this the right time to quit? When is the right time? Is there a right time at all? 1 more year to consolidate my power .... I told myself .... cool down .... don't be rash in making any decisions .... I must start planning what to do in the next 365 days, that is the time.

Continued the saga over the "date"... ... recall in the last episode that I mentioned buying a pair of movie tickets before asking her if she's free ... ... She told me to watch with someone else as she has an appointment already. She is watching Madagascar with her friend. And so it happened that I overheard her on the phone asking her friend whether the tickets have been bought. No is the answer ... ... Mine was bought. The rest is up to your imaginations ... ...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rotten day

It was one of those rare days that I felt so lousy the whole day. Right from the moment I woke up til this very moment I am blogging this. First, I woke up later than usual. Fine, at least I managed to reach where I should be on time. But I was sweating throughout the journey! Where's the air-con in MRT? And the blazing sun in the morning was steaming me while I was waiting at the bus-stop. Finally, just when I managed to cool off and settle down into doing my work, "troubles" came looking for me left right center. I was "whacked" the whole day. Something was amiss it seemed .... I sensed that my manager was picking on me. Well, not really that kind of picking, but probably she had phrased it in a 'nicer' way. Still, I could feel the torns in my flesh .... .... (not from my manager but all those that had happened, to be fair) Neither my colleague had a good day. She exchanged her handphone with her friend and guess what happened. She dropped the phone into the toilet bowl! By the way, I think something similar happened to Karen before. Anyway, come to think of it, maybe my bad luck rubbed on her a bit .... Well ... and there was this moment I couldn't get into a room past office hours because the door was locked. My bag was inside. All along a veteran colleague was waiting for me in her car as I asked for a lift from Upper Changi to Bugis...... Took some time to get the attention of a cleaner who was inside the room to save me.

On the journey, she told me to be more vocal in meeting. Without it, I could be very hardworking but would likely be overlooked by the bosses. While those who were vocal and did very little would get the nods. This is reality... ... I sort of agree with her. This might turn out to be the best thing that happened to me for today, who knows?

The worst thing that happened was this. I bought a pair of tickets for Mr & Mrs Smith for the preview with the intention of watching with her. But she said she already had an appointment... ... She is going to watch Madagascar with her friend on wednesday. So coincident... or maybe, it might not be a coincidence afterall... Whatever it is, it is a sad sad situation... ... for me.