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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Chicken Crossing The Road

One of my colleague who is leaving the company to migrate to Australia in July emailed some of us the department's version of "Chicken Crossing The Road". It's so hilarious! Okay, I guess it is so when you know how the department operates and especially when you know each and everyone of us!

Chicken Crossing the road Version 2 - LMD folks' possible response to "Chicken crossing the road".

ENG TAT - How can the chicken cross a road? It must be fraudulent.

ASHWYN - The feathers are damn cool man!

JEFF - Curry Chicken!!!

BEN - Better safe guard the chicken before Michelle threw across and into my cubicle!

BERNIE - I must grab that chicken and asked it to set up the online redemption OD pairs for me!

MOLLY - Tell the chicken it better don’t ask for retro miles after it crossed the road.

CAROLINE - How can KMS let the chicken cross the road just like that? This is not good servicing, they must at least advise whether can earn miles or not!

CECILIA - Oh dear, the chicken is going to write a complaint letter to CEO!

ANNABEL - Ask MA to issue a voucher to the chicken lah!

LAWRENCE - Chicken! You are dumb!

NORLINDAH - I think the chicken got Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). [After looking at Paul's response below, became dumbfounded].... never mind I said that!

MICHELLE - So the chicken crossing fee charge to SQTT (Teletech cost centre) is it?

JASMINE - Is the chicken included in our forecast for FTEs?

KAI LIN - [Ignoring the Chicken] Is that a TODS Bag on sale?

SOE GOH - Better ask the chicken if it received its account statement on time.

MAGGIE - Can I put a KPI on the chicken?

RENEE - Hey did we include Chickens in our programme guide?

WEE KOK - Crossing the road is not as effective as swimming across.

PAUL - [Singing in a Cantonese accent while waving his aircraft model] Chicken crossing the road! Chicken crossing the road!

TERENCE - The chicken feathers are of an excellent grade. It’s of the same quality as a 2-ply Egyptian wool.

YVETTE - I don’t think the chicken promo is attractive enough, did it properly set up the rules on how to cross the road and use CDW to segment which road to cross?

CARISSA - [Looking at all of us and shaking her head]...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this has got nothing to do with why the chicken cross the road, but I am very interested in your much earlier blogs abt ur interviews and selection tests for the station manager position. Can share more details with me...like how to write in to apply? how long before u know u're shortlisted or KIV forever...etc etc...


12:20 AM  
Blogger X&Y said...

Hmm... many chickens in SIA are eager to cross the road, yet why are you eager to cross the other direction?

Anyway, check out the SIA website, under career section. Download the forms and just apply for it. I had probably waited for a month or two before I received the call for interview. You have to take some tests followed by an interview. (The overall process will take the whole day). Be prepared with what the tests are testing you (they will send a booklet explaining it).

Since you are applying for TSM (aka trainee station manager), you should know roughly what is it about. A SM job is soley operational, on the job decisions to be made each day. You will be stationed at one of the airports, ensuring that SIA operations are not affected if something crops up, as well as delivering excellent service at the airport to our customers who fly with us

Pro?: "own boss", allowance, housing etc are paid for, overseas experience

Cons?: away from friends and family (maybe 2 yrs at least), fully operational in the sense that you live one day is a day (not as much planning work means that you would lack that experience), reporting to the country general manager (answer to your actions/performance) - HO is especially hard on stations when they underperform.

It's your call, hope you get what you apply.

12:18 AM  

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