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Monday, June 13, 2005

It Was Accident Day on Saturday

I was supposed to meet a long time friend in the army at 130pm at Bugis on Saturday. But he SMS that he met a car accident and would be very late. His friend who just got his license a month ago was giving him a lift. He turned right against his favour and a taxi hit into the left side of the car where my friend was. Fortunately, the taxi hit the rear passenger portion where it was empty. Just his luck ... and it rubbed on me too!

On the same day itself, I was crossing the road after my gym. It was the green man signals. I crossed the road, turning to the right where the opposing cars were stopping in front of the stop line. Just then, something dreadful caught my attention. There was this van that came from behind the traffic and was speeding all the way without any signs of slowing down! As soon as I realised this van had gone past the traffic lights, I thought to myself I must jump back now or else I would be hit! Next thing I know, a taxi hit the van. It was the green light in favour of the taxi who was in a perpendicular direction. My goodness ... what was the driver in the van thinking ...


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