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Friday, June 10, 2005

More Discovery

Things are getting more exciting. Morale in the office is not really that high, I think. Well, at least my morale is not. I went for a coffee break at YaKun (sorry bro duke) around 10 plus in the morning with another colleague, N. After that we went to raffles place to walk around, to display our unhappiness with our boss. Stayed at gramaphone listening to CDs for a very long time. I was so tempted to buy a few CDs that I liked. So was N. Anyway, we stayed til 12 which was lunch time. Just a few minutes before that, a colleague called to ask where we were as our boss was looking for us. Kidding, he was. He knew we went off, hahaha. But hey, we found out later he went off for coffee break with 3 colleagues!

J then SMS N where we were so that we could have lunch together. But we were very full. Cut the story short, our boss happened to be around her and asked where were we. J told her we were at raffles place. Goodness, but we can't really blame her as not anyone could have stayed calm and lie. Then our boss called N on the phone... .... Of course N told her we were at raffles place having lunch. But we guessed she probably knew. Who cares. Though we were still a bit annoyed. We told J not to find us as we were not eating, yet she insisted on finding us... bringing along 2 other colleagues. Oh dear, I wondered if she knew what she was doing! Letting more people know we were skiving was the last thing on our mind. We guessed she wanted to feel better by accompanying us when she let slipped her tongue... ...

Again, I think the drama of blame shifting continued today. This time, my boss emailed me asking some questions to ascertain the person who made the bad decision. Initially, she asked some questions that I felt were amiss. So I asked her the purpose of these questions. She replied it was to ascertain who made the decision. Hey, the questions were directing at me! A past email from someone asking me certain questions. She asked what I replied. To think she was using that to ascertain 'I' was the scapegoat? The emails were full of clarifications on things the correspondent did not understand! It was not a decision making email! FYI, the person who made the decision had an 8 hr long meeting with the correspondents and gave them the word! And they were supposed to let me know of the changes and to think I only discovered the change late in development. Now, this person's boss was turning the tables by saying they misunderstood the meaning of earlier discussion and questioned why I wasn't aware of it. The worst was that my boss actually played the game. I think they joined forces. I am fighting back.

And I made another discovery. J had very bad experiences with my boss, for whatever reasons. I was really surprised. Either my boss was smart or J hid it very well.

But well, I also discovered more on my low chances with J and the various reasons why she wanted me to stop the chase, thanks to N who told me, for my own good... ... More on this to come in the coming blog. Watch this space.

And my colleagues K has 4 tickets from our company partners to watch PCK the musical tomorrow. K invited R, S and me to go. I don't know why she wanted me to go since the rest are girls. No, she is not interested in me. She is attached, so are the rest. I guess it's because we can get along well and I have helped them on a few occasions. And it happened that another male colleague T was there when she invited me. The tricky part is here. T hangs around with them more than me. They usually lunch together while I lunch with N & J. So K told me she just realized that T was around and asked if she could invite J in my place instead to avoid the embarassment. She knew that I like J, so I would feel better giving up the chance. Of course, I understand the tricky situation at stake and do what I think I should do. Not because J would get to go... ...


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