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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Rotten day

It was one of those rare days that I felt so lousy the whole day. Right from the moment I woke up til this very moment I am blogging this. First, I woke up later than usual. Fine, at least I managed to reach where I should be on time. But I was sweating throughout the journey! Where's the air-con in MRT? And the blazing sun in the morning was steaming me while I was waiting at the bus-stop. Finally, just when I managed to cool off and settle down into doing my work, "troubles" came looking for me left right center. I was "whacked" the whole day. Something was amiss it seemed .... I sensed that my manager was picking on me. Well, not really that kind of picking, but probably she had phrased it in a 'nicer' way. Still, I could feel the torns in my flesh .... .... (not from my manager but all those that had happened, to be fair) Neither my colleague had a good day. She exchanged her handphone with her friend and guess what happened. She dropped the phone into the toilet bowl! By the way, I think something similar happened to Karen before. Anyway, come to think of it, maybe my bad luck rubbed on her a bit .... Well ... and there was this moment I couldn't get into a room past office hours because the door was locked. My bag was inside. All along a veteran colleague was waiting for me in her car as I asked for a lift from Upper Changi to Bugis...... Took some time to get the attention of a cleaner who was inside the room to save me.

On the journey, she told me to be more vocal in meeting. Without it, I could be very hardworking but would likely be overlooked by the bosses. While those who were vocal and did very little would get the nods. This is reality... ... I sort of agree with her. This might turn out to be the best thing that happened to me for today, who knows?

The worst thing that happened was this. I bought a pair of tickets for Mr & Mrs Smith for the preview with the intention of watching with her. But she said she already had an appointment... ... She is going to watch Madagascar with her friend on wednesday. So coincident... or maybe, it might not be a coincidence afterall... Whatever it is, it is a sad sad situation... ... for me.


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