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Sunday, July 24, 2005


I am going for ICT from 25th July to 5th August .... damn sian ... 2 weeks .... Okay, I know I have not been updating my blog. Anyway, work relationships wise. I think it is good. Ties with my colleagues have been improving especially those that I do not really mix around much. That is good. Workwise, I have been devoting my attention that is draining me out. So one good thing that this ICT brings me is the break from work .... yeah .... sympathy to my colleague who is covering me.

Relationships wise, it is status quo. We left the office very late 'cos of waiting for another colleague. We could have left earlier but since she asked if we could wait for her, being the nice me I said yes. I discovered later that J did not want to wait further 'cos it was too late. We wanted to go gym. In the end, we left the office at around 9pm. We went to grab a bite at Lau Pat Sat. We had Xing Zhou Mee Fen and Sotong Kia.... And since we were too full and too late to go to the gym, we decided to go somewhere to chill out instead. She suggested joining her friend at one of the pub in Fullerton, but I said no as I don't know her friend well. Then we walked to and fro around the area deciding between movie or Balaclava. (I sense that she wanted the latter but I don't feel like drinking 'cos of my persistent cough that last for 2 weeks and still going). She gave me 2 choices to choose .... movie or Balaclava .... I told her Balaclava. But reaching the place, it was very packed. So I suggested a pub at Marina Sq. Coincidentally, we met a bunch of colleagues at Starbucks opposite Balaclava .... In the end, we joined them and went to Balaclava when it was not too crowded .... Not too bad a night .... though I was hoping I could spend some time alone with her before the 2 weeks of absence .....

I asked her out today, but she had already promised to meet her friends .... But I did bounced into her at the gym .... The only conversations that we had I could still remember 'cos it was so short .... "Wei, I am going to bath" - "Ok" - "So you are going off on Monday right" - "Yup" - "Good luck"

After gym, I went to Takashimaya to meet my mom and sis who were bringing my niece out for shopping. DId I mention I bought 2 shirts at Zara? It was so expensive .... $90 per piece ...