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Monday, August 29, 2005

Bits and Pieces

I have been too stretched by work for the past 2 weeks. My colleague got dengue fever and had a super duper long MC, not that it's her fault. Now she is telling me that she is afraid of coming back to work due to the fact that I am going for holidays for 2 weeks and thereafter another month long of course. She is Pisces so that might explain her low self-esteem of not being able to cope... ... I think she belongs to the procastinator and is an escapist from reality type of person. A sad thing that she is a scholar and is bonded for another 2 years. She expresses her wish to teach in MOE. Well, I can understand her feelings... We REALLY do alot of work, but our contributions are not really being appreciated by the Big Boss. We are faced with the stress and work load, but we still get the same salary and less recognition. And with only 2 people (she and me) doing the jobs we are doing? Trust me, that is barely enough as we are struggling. And I think both of us have done a great job. Put another colleague in my job and I bet that person will drop dead. Put me in another colleague's position and I will excel. At least I believe in myself =)

Treated Fengcai to Jack's place near Heeren last Thursday. It was for her birthday and I didn't get any gift for her. She said the gift I had given her last year was good enough. I know. She is just being herself, nice! And she said I looked very haggard since I started working. I guess it is true. Damn ... even if the going is tough and the tough gets going, I shall not show it.

Anyway, Jasmine almost broke down on Friday. It was lunch hours and we were still in office. Just when I received a SMS, the other 3 girls (Kai, Renee and SG) came over to jio me for lunch. I said okay and I asked Jasmine. She declined. On the way down, I read the SMS. Fuck me! She wanted to lunch with me somewhere more quiet. She didn't want any crowd because she needed some peace to recollect her thoughts. I called her if she was okay and I could accompany her. But she asked me to go ahead with the girls instead since I was already with them. And sometime after lunch, she was in my cubicle and I could see her tears welling up. She could cry anytime but she held on. Strong girl she is .... .... I do admire her character. She wanted me to tell her a joke on the spot. So you can judge how much she was suffering. She was having a rough day due to some STUPID change in procedures in her job responsibility and she was overwhelmed by the sudden unnecessary load. Office politics probably played a part too... Anyway, I couldn't interfere as I wasn't in her team. So what I did was to get SG who was in her team to give her some support when the "bad old auntie" was talking rubbish non-stop that she would get used to it blah blah blah.... She really couldn't take it... I was so near to her yet I couldn't help much...

After work, we went to eat at Lau Pat Sat. And there she let it out her frustrations and unhappiness as I listened... ... I hope it made her feel better... At the gym, I can still sense she was still bothered a bit. So we went to Cineleisure. We played the table soccer that she loves so much (she used to play it often in US and she claimed she was very good in defending!). Well it was even as we played 2 games. C'mon, I had to let her win one game, shouldn't I? And we watched Wedding Crashers. I was glad we watched that because it was damn funny! Thanks to Bernie who recommended this show. She had a lot of laughs during the 2 hours =) After the show, I thought I sense she was feeling much better. And I truly hope so!


Anonymous golden bear said...

hi. i realized you are working for SIA after stumbling upon your blog. btw, im josh, recent grad from Cal. got offered both the AO post and TSM. i am torn between the AO position (robinson rd office) against TSM. like to seek your (as a recent grad with some experience) opinions on this. thanks, appreciate it greatly.

6:56 PM  
Blogger X&Y said...

hi to whatever color bear you are, the answer to ur qn depends on what u r looking for. In TSM, u get plenty of opportunities working and thinking on ur feet since u r in charge of a station. basically, u oversee and ensure smooth running of daily operations. Needless to say, the allowance package is very good... AO wise, u r just another executive doing everything SIA can think of overloading you ... depends on what is your job scope too... might not be what u want... Robinson Rd office is a nice location but bear in mind the 'emperor' and 'big officials' r in ALH. Not easy to get attention for ur effort, big or small... If u have a big ambition, I don't recommend u to select the AO post at Robinson rd cos of location, rather consider what post as AO r they giving u... TSM is certainly a very good experience to start with... I would select TSM but it's up to u =) hope that helps... I did a similar analysis in one of the comments for another blogger.... u can look for it. I don't have much comments anyway.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous golden bear said...

hey thanks man, it was nice to hear from you. appreciate your two cents worth.

11:29 AM  

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