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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Perfect Catch

Watched the sneak for Perfect Catch today with Jasmine... She had been wanting to watch it before it was screened. The show was really nice. Many laughs throughout the show, they were like unexpected... and the ending was very sweet! Go watch it with your love ones!

Anyway, we went in late by about 15 mins. It was so hard to get a cab at night in town area... In the end, Jasmine had to call for a cab. Reminded me of her telling me the other day she was also late when watching another show (I think was Bewitched) with another friend. Now I recall that we were late by 5 mins or so when we watched Wedding Crashers last Friday! But hey, we were early last Friday and were turned away when we wanted to enter 15 mins before screen time! hahaha...

Everything was so rush when we reached there... ran to Lido, I went to collect the ticket, while she bought Subway sandwich footlong (she ate a little and I cleared the rest, I am a good eater right ....) then I went to get popcorns. Had to eat in the cinema .... so dark and dunno what I was eating (she bought turkey meat). But I really appreciate what I was eating 'cos it was nice and really enjoy the show throughout... Drew Barrymore looks so slim now and is always so sweet-looking! Yeah, even when she still had the baby fats! She rocks!


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