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Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well, I am on Cadetship training now. Basically, it is an orientation on the overview of the various operations and planning in the company. It started on 19th Sep and will end on 26th Oct ... Relac-Jack .... hahaha .... We just sat and listen to talks from the higher management .... Boring, I find .... Or rather I was not one who can sit down and listen for more than 20 mins .... So far, I have sort of miss doing my work although life is so much relaxing ... no need to do any work =) Met FC the other day for coffee... ... She said I still looked as haggard ....

Anyway, above is a picture taken in Ocean City, Maryland. Rare yet beautiful shot ... hey, don't say I'm cheeky .... Appreciate the beauty of the picture, not to imagine wildy on the intentions!


Blogger Adele said...

Ya, last time before u started working, u looked much younger. Try sleep more and have a healthy lifestyle. Dun go to bed late. =)

11:53 AM  

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