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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Post New York trip

Alright, it's time to update my blog... got a complain from FC that I have not been doing it dutifully. So here it is, beginning with some pictures taken from my trip in US. (Top: Kathy, Me and Meena, Bottom: Me in Lost River Gouge). The trip was great! The 18 hrs of flight were not as unbearable thanks to SQ A345 =) Where have I been to? Oh, I reached there around 5-6 in the evening and Thomas was there to fetch me to his friend's place in New York. We stayed at Meena's house and woke up early for our road trip to White Mountain. On the route, well not really, with a bit of detour, we picked up Meena's friends, Kathy who joined us. Basically to cut it short, we enjoyed the natural scenary in White Mountain and went up Mount Washington, the highest point in the northeast region of US. We stayed in White Mountain for 2 nights and then went back to Philly. Took a day to tour Philly and then went to DC Washington for 2 days. Went back to Philly to relax for a day and couldn't believe I actually went for a jog with Thomas. Guess where we jog to? To the Museum of Arts where the movie Rocky was shoot! Awesome! Hmm... where else did I go to? Well, I remembered Ocean City, Maryland, where I got my 'chao-tar' look .... Also, not forgetting to mention we went to Six Flags in New Jersey. Took the Kingda Ka, the fastest and highest roller coaster ride in the world! How about that, huh? Finally, spent my last 2 days in New York as the finale .... haha ... Question is, where is my next trip?! Anyway, I took a lot of pictures... ... can't possibly post it here ... hahaha =p


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