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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Super Duper Longest Weekend

Okay, I think it was the longest stretching weekend I had right after I came back from the US trip. It was Jas birthday on Sun and she was giving a treat to a few of us on Sat. (Oh, did i mention she looked stunning good in her outfit that day?) It coincided with the Alley perenial Mid-Autumn outing, playing lanterns. Can you imagine Jas & Lindah were laughing at me for still playing lanterns at my age? Hey. what's wrong .... hahaha ... Back to the topic, we had dinner at Swensen and then headed to Balaclava. Jas wanted to drink ... ... i think she wanted to get drunk, erm ... I mean 'high' ... I think she should drink with Hippo if there's a chance... ... Anyway, I left after the dinner to meet up with Alley friends afterall, I haven't seen most of them for a very long time. Went back to meet Jas and friends again at Balaclava after the session. Well, she drank alot that night ... Wanted to send her home before sending Angie since she was a bit on the high but not drunk yet. She said she wanted to calm down first before going home. So I sent Angie home first instead. Later we headed to East Coast and sat down at the breakwaters until 6 when the sky looked like it was going to pour. After sending her home, I changed my clothes immediately to rush to another friend's place 'cos I promised to be one of his brothers for his wedding! And so as tired as I was, I had to force myself to stay awake the whole day... Thanks God I managed to catch a 2 hrs of sleep in between... Near the end of the dinner, got a SMS from Jas saying if I wanted to play lanterns ... since it was Mid-Autumn and happened to be her birthday... ... Really an irony ... what does a woman want really .... I can't fathom .... I asked her beforehand if she wanted to go anywhere on her birthday, she said No. Then when she found out that I had a wedding function (I purposely kept it from her, thinking I will spend the day with her by not going for the dinner itself). She told me to attend it, no excuse. Yet she asked me to play lanterns .... arghhh .... I can't take it. It's too much for my heart. Hey, in fact I called her when I was in US if I can bring her out on her birthday and she said Yes 'cos she had no dates... .... but to confirm again ... So you guessed it, the confirmation was No... .... Any advice, friends out there?


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