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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Got $150 Raoul vouchers from my colleagues on my Birthday, so nice of them =) Anyway we went to Balaclava after dinner. I met Vincent & Choonseng there! Anyway again, the point I want to drive through is that my colleagues wanted to get me drunk .... they ordered Flaming Lamborghini and Tequila for me ... ... I know I can't hold my liquor and I will turn lobster red with just a bit of alcohol. But I knew I shouldn't be a spoiler because it was my Birthday. Top that up with another glass of red wine. That's it ... ... that's was the limit ... can't imagine how I managed to drive to a friend's place for Mahjong after the drinking session!

Well certain 'ugly things' happened along the way but I should keep mum ... ... ehz ... Someone knew it too ... I hope she didn't tell you-know-who! Well, tit for tat ... if she won't say then I won't say what happened the other time on her birthday too .... hahaha


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