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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Estoy lejos a España para vacaciones!

Have not been updating my blog for a long time... where shall I start? Let's make it clear of my whereabouts for the next few weeks. Well, I'm going to Spain for holidays on 5th to 15th May. R/s wise, I have many happy moments with a special someone since March. But she broke news to me recently that she isn't ready for a relationship yet.. I can only pray that our hearts will grow closer to a extent that will assure her of my feelings during this period of absence, and that will persuade her that 'yes' she is ready.. haha i'm still dreamin'... Career wise, not so much of a progress tho'. I have a gd appraisal with EE grade (2nd highest grade) for the last calender year. I was hoping to get at least a merit award if not an upgrade. But I didn't get any.. i'm still aiming for the GM scheme.. another 6 months to qualify.. And yes, this year is getting busier than last. So many things to do with v. limited resources... totally agree outright that locals are underpaid because of the high avg amounty of OT!

Anyway.. i'm SO looking forward to a great and exciting holidays in Spain!


P.S. the title simply means, "I'm away to Spain for holidays!"


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